Red River Hoopfest in Texarkana

Hoopfest, a showcase event of regional high school basketball teams, is coming to Texarkana December 3rd and 4th.

Friday December 3rd:
4:30 - Magnolia, AR (2022 Razorback signee Derrian Ford) vs Calvert, TX

6:00 - LR Parkview (2024 Razorback target/ ESPN # 23, Dallas Thomas) vs John Paul II, Plano, TX (2024 ESPN # 9, Liam McNeely)

7:30 - Texarkana Texas High vs Carver, LA

9:00 - Zachary, LA vs Duncanville, TX (2022 Razorback target/ ESPN # 26, Anthony Black; 2023 ESPN # 6 Ron Holland; 2023 Razorback target Cameron Barnes)

Saturday, December 4th
10:00 - Calvert, TX vs Ashdown (2023 Razorback TE commit Shamar Easter)

11:30 - Mt. Pleasant, TX vs John Paul II

1:00 - Lancaster, TX vs Legacy, TX

2:30 - LR Parkview vs Zachary, LA

4:00 - Faith Family vs Tulsa Union (2023 Razorback target Trent Pierce)

5:30 - Bartlesville, OK (2024 ESPN # 12, David Castillo) vs Magnolia, AR

7:00 - Texas High vs Little Rock Hall

8:30 - Duncanville, TX vs Carver, LA


Where is Legacy, TX? Is this a high school named Legacy?


Legacy High School. Midland, TX

Carver = George Washington Carver High, New Orleans, LA

  • In game 1, Magnolia beat Calvert, TX 75-43. Game was worse than the score. Calvert is a small TX school near College Station (they play 6-man football). Derrian Ford had 21. I just love his game.

  • In game 2, Parkview came from behind to send their game with John Paul II (a Catholic school in Plano) into OT. Parkview won by 2 in OT.

Dallas Thomas has a nice game. Easy to see why he’s called “slim”. He’s 6’8”, maybe 160#. He plays like a guard, and when he fills out his frame he’ll be tough to handle. Lost track, but he had about 15 points.

Liam McNeeley (John Paul) has a lot of game. He will certainly be a high D1 signee in a few years. He’s 6’8” and matched up most of the game against Thomas. McNeeley has a beautiful shot, but it wasn’t falling for most of the game. He, too, had about 15 points.

A&M’s Buzz Williams was court side for the Parkview-John Paul game.




Final game: Duncanville vs Zachary (defending 5A champs in LA). Duncanville was up 46-23 at the half…. then cruised to an 86-56 win. Easy to see why many onlookers were calling them Duncanville University. They are absolutely loaded.

  • Anthony Black had 10 points, probably 7-8 boards, and at least 2 blocks. Looks like an elite wing. His shot is very good, but could improve. I can see why there’s such a fuss about him. But……
  • Ron Holland is the best player for the Duncanville Panthers. No question. His athleticism is off the charts. He had 20 points to lead all scorers, as at least 10 of his points came as highlight quality plays. He is Jordanesqe. 6’8” (built exactly like Black) and plays with a very high motor. He’s a 2023 guy that will be a major recruiting win for some team.
  • Zachary has some serious athletes. At least 2 are mid major level, and probably 5 or so could play college ball somewhere. But they were just totally outmatched tonight.

Thanks for the updates!!

I believe there is a Legacy Frisco High School but this could be different school.

Ron Holland is being recruited by Arkansas and I’m sure he is one of their top prospects!

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Yes. He’s being recruited by everyone, and pretty much is one of everyone’s top prospects.

Day 2 game 1: Ashdown beat Calvert, TX 51-47.

  • Shamar Easter is a great looking athlete. I’ve always felt that the basketball floor is the best place to show one’s athleticism. You can see who the athletes are, even if they aren’t pure basketball players. That’s Easter. He had 8 points, several rebounds, a few blocks…. all while primarily working on holding down Calvert’s top prospect, MJ Thomas. Looks like Coach Pittman knows athletes when he sees them.
  • Thomas is a 2023 prospect. 6’8”. Nice game. Mostly a 3 or 4. He had 27 for Calvert. His coach told me last night he’s being recruited by Okie State, Vanderbilt, Rice, and Hofstra. Says Ronnie Brewer recently called to inquire about him. Thomas was in foul trouble all game against Magnolia yesterday, limiting his minutes and effectiveness.

Saturday Game 2: John Paul beat Mt. Pleasant, TX 71-49. John Paul has a lot of talent.

  • Liam McNeeley (2024) had 18. He’s a stat sheet stuffer, as he also had multiple rebounds, several assists, and at least 4 blocks. He’s the highest rated player for them. His skill set is elite. My favorite player qualities are court demeanor/body language and playing hard all the time. He needs improvement in these areas.
  • RJ Jones (2023) had 26. He’s a 6’4” shooting guard. Pure scorer. (Had 21, all in first half, against Parkview last night). Nice body. Lots of game. He’ll play college ball somewhere. He’s my favorite player on that team.
  • Gabe Warren (2023) had 21. 6’6” wing. Very nice player. He, too, will play college ball somewhere.

Saturday game 6: Magnolia beat Bartlesville, OK. 73-53

  • Derrian Ford scored 27. Solid game. He does what he needs for his team. Scores. Facilitates. Guards the other team’s best player. I’ve only seen video of Walsh and Smith, but if they are both better than Ford we are absolutely loaded next year.
  • David Castillo (2024) had 23 for Bartlesville. 6’2” guard. Very nice player. Will be even better when his body matures. Great looking shot. Can get into the lane when he wants (well, unless Ford is on him… as he was when needed). Scored several points late during trash time, but still had a nice game.
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Saturday marquee game: Duncanville smoked Carver 95-52.

  • Anthony Black - Wow. I think he read my comment last night saying Ron Holland was Duncanville’s best player. He had 14 at the half, and 31 for the game. 6 or so dunks - I lost track. Did a little bit of everything. Elite player. We are certainly recruiting the right type of athlete.

  • Ron Holland - Pretty sure he was less than 100%. Sat during most of the warmups, but started and played. Played hard, but just had a different energy than last night. Had 7 points at halftime and 15 for the game. Mostly guarded Carver’s best player, Washington. Had a SportsCenter top 10 rebound/dunk. Elite player.

  • Solomon Washington - Carver’s best player. 6’8” forward. Great body. A&M signee. (Buzz Williams was here last night to primarily see him). 13 points at the half, 15 for the game.

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