Red out

Just got a text saying a red out for Saturday’s game

Good. It will match our rear ends….


I would prefer a white out, it would reflect the sun and make a glare for the players on the field. Red would absorb the sunlight. Don’t know if any of you see the Chiefs game today, but the punt returner had a hard time finding the ball on those hight punts into the sunlight coming in from the roof at Indianapolis.

The Chiefs did a pretty good impression of us today…totally inexplicable loss.

Gimmick. Those do not beat Bama. Only way to do that is match them stride for stride. Can we do that? They could care less what color shirt everyone has on. You can wear purple, green, blue - whatever. It will not change a thing.

Umm, I don’t think anyone has said that the color of your shirt will have any effect on the outcome, it’s to show school spirit and fan unity.

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