Red card for Brady

Studs up tackle? That’s a red card for Brady.

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And a 3 game suspension.

It has been a trend with Brady this year.

I think his Roy Kent moment has finally arrived. Time to be an analyst who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Really seems rare for the great ones to “go out on top”

The game and the accolades are like a narcotic.
Not saying I would be any better


He’s no Roy Kent.

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Sounds like coming back for this season was the final nail in the coffin of Brady’s marriage, and for what?

Not that I suspect he’ll have (or is having) any trouble finding companionship.

Elway was one of those rarities.

If coming back for another season ended Brady’s marriage, that marriage was already on the rocks & soon to be terminated.

Kudos to Brady for following his passion & not buckling under her pressure on him to retire.

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I don’t disagree with that. But I can also see Gisele saying, okay dude, I’ve put my career on hold long enough for you (she has generally made more money as a model/entrepreneur than he has playing foobaw).

When my marriage hit the rocks after 26 years, there were some things that I had done that accelerated the process, although she just wasn’t happy before I did those things. But as they say, when Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy, so it may have been for the best for both TB12 and me. Certainly was for me.