Recruits who Initials counters push forward to 2022

What is confusing posters is they think these recruits are recruited as same as everyone else.
These recruits who Initial Counter is being push forward to 2022. are brought in as nonrecruited walk-ons.

Here is how a nonrecruited walk-on is recruited.
1 They can’t have made an OV to Arkansas campus this cycle.
2 They can’t have received an off campus visit from an Arkansas coach this cycle.
3 they can’t have received a written scholarship offer from Arkansas this cycle.

They can have receive a verbal offer of a scholarship from Arkansas.
Recruits can call Arkansas often as they wish.

Coaches use NCAA rule (financial chapter) to bring these nonrecruited walk-ons.
This link is to the 2020-21 NCAA D1 manual.

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