Recruits’ parents awed by Arkansas hoops


Richard, I think you’ll agree that the potential (signing highly rated recruits) for the program has not been this way since the early days of Nolan - or maybe ever

I would agree. Success on the floor along with how the staff recruits is the best it’s been in a long time.


Sorry if this is the wrong place. but I just subscribed today, and I am trying to find a place where I can catch up on all the latest recruits. If found some about football and baseball, a little on men’s basketball, but nowhere could I find a list of Women’s basketball recruits. I know about Jersey, but I also know there are some others on the list. Where can I find that info?

The two major 2022 Arkansas targets in ESPN 5-star guard Ysabella Fontleroy and forward Kharyssa Richardson.

Try this site for Ark women’s basketball:

Just click on Arkansas in Jersey’s No. 7 listing for all of Arkansas 2021 recruits signed.

Thanks do much!

So much

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