The simple fact of the matter is Sam inherited a team that needs an infusion of talent. With all of our needs right now, every recruiting miss is magnified. We need SEC size, speed and athleticism throughout the roster and it’s clear we don’t have it at all positions.

The portal is going to be key. You have a better idea of how they perform from the portal and there is less risk.

We have to get a QB. KJ is the only SEC QB on the team and without a qualified backup, we are screwed.

Sam is a recruiting guru and he will need every bit of his skill and personality to make this work.

We are 2-3 years away from competing for second place in the SEC west as our talent stands now.

Can Sam get it done? We will know in a couple years.

I see this everytime a coach has issues. This was year three, he’s had three years to infuse talent. If Morris’ inept players are starting, what does that say about this staff’s recruiting?

This year was never about Jimmy’s and Joe’s, it’s all about X’s and O’s. We don’t have anyone that can teach it

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Hard to tell. Just read a story where former Vols Coach Jeremy Pruitt admitted to give a Chick-Fil-A bag full of cash to a players Mother. Hard to complete with that unless your willing to do the same.

I’ll bring this up again, very good source (who all you trust) says we will not be outbid for a player if the staff really wants him.

Again, what does this say about our staff’s recruiting

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Well golly-gosh, then how did we dominate Ole Miss (one example) so thoroughly in the first half? What I saw (and I admit to being a novice in football knowledge) was a lack of focus and effort (fire!) in several of the games, with particular remembrances in the most recent losses to LSU and Misery.

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I disagree. You don’t recruit in a vaccume. Morris steaming pile impacted recruiting early. It’s brutal. We have to claw out of it.

Sure, coaching played a role, but the better you recruit, the better you coach.

I think the funk we played with yesterday had everything to do with Slusher quitting the team. I think they were really down about that and it showed in their attitude during the game.


I agree. I also think the OL said on the goal line with a TE under center “watch this”.

Fist domino falls. Strength and conditioning coach fired.

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