Oh, no. I’m was talking about fan base patience and willing to give a coach more time.

when a walk on a late recruit from our on state beat out a suppose to be a better recruited player tells me that the recruiting cordinator is not doing his job

You’re telling me Duke fans weren’t thinking the same? K went 17-13, 10-17 and 11-17 until he broke 20 games in year four.

What I’m saying is Beamer and K situations were not the norm. You seem to be advocating that this coach who is 10-24 in the SEC and is about to get slaughtered by Bama and embarrassed again by Gus will have Beamer success at Arkansas if only given a couple of more years. Am I right? If so I’m telling you that Beamer was the exception to the rule and its more likely if given another year it only delays the inevitable by yet another year.

That said it doesn’t really matter- Bielema is done and I know it and and he does to.

it is more than recruiting

and we measure recruitng classes before they play which really doesnt make sense to anyone

probably the best way to measure recruiting is to measure the success of the program.

in our case … in our conference… we are bottom tier both places

we’ve always been arkansas.
that hasnt changed.
its the same old state it was with nutt and petrino

we are historically bad…
its just more than recruiting.

there is no one in the nation … outside of arkansas… that thinks its anyting other than the coach.

if being a good coach is putting winning teams on to the field… our current coach is not one.

i dont know why. maybe he cant evaluate players… or get right guys onto the field… maybe he cant pick assistant coaches… maybe he makes self defeating ingame decisions… i have no idea.

but we are as bad as i can remember and its year 5

I don’t think Richard is saying anything other than what the facts bear out. CBB has done better in recruiting than previous coaches at least when it comes to beating out some of the blue bloods. Now, has he developed those recruits? The product sure doesn’t look like it. And whether or not it’s the assistants he’s hiring, ultimately he has to take responsibility for it.

As for Beamer, I think there’s some correlation there. Both programs are in smaller states. Both had had some success prior to the coach’s arrival. Beamer was eventually able to turn it around. The difference I would say is that Beamer didn’t have to turn it around in the best division of college football, though he had his share of difficulties in his schedule. If given seven years, could CBB turn it around? None of us can say with absolute assuredly. We can predict, but you don’t know if you’ll breathe one breath tomorrow much less what will happen in two years.

I do think fans’ patience runs out quicker now than before. Social media, message boards such as this, are where people share their thoughts and opinions. And everyone knows how others feel because it is well documented. Is this a good thing? Probably not. I enjoy being on here and reading others’ opinions. But, if all of us were truthful, we know there are far more important things in life than who is Arkansas’ football coach or whether or not we win big. I don’t remember 2010-11 because of Arkansas’ winning; I remember those years for far more personal reasons. In light of what happened a week ago tonight in Las Vegas, what happened on a football field in South Carolina yesterday means very, very little.

Actually CBB has not done better in recruiting than our previous coaches. The recruiting rankings bear that out. He is a very very average recruiter but the insiders don’t want to admit it because they think it would somehow jeopardize or marginalize their expertise, status, and reputation.

I call fake news on all of the homerism.

You nailed it about the impatience of today’s fans, certainly of those posting on message boards. Today, many people demand answers NOW, no matter the circumstance. Life doesn’t work that way.

not to dispute someone that covers recruiting, but if we are beating florida, alabama, michigan, etc ,i forget your list, then why do we rank so low each and every year in recruiting? i realize arkansas kids are for the most part not ranked high, but we’ve also lost some in staters especially to bama.

if our recruiting is so good, then the only conclusion is when they get here we can’t coach them.

start the year with a walk-on and one true freshman blue shirt on the offensive line doesn’t look like great recruiting to me. And i truly wonder if some of these kids have committable offers from some of these schools that are stomping us. just because you get mail from a school or a call from a coach isn’t a committable offer.

i seriously doubt that the players we see saturday night, that we had a legitimate shot at one of them.

Because those schools offer a ton of kids and when someone else they like more commits, they drop the guy we get like a bad habit. Oh I am sure Agim and maybe someone else would have had their commit stick, but lets be honest. How many kids do you see on our squad that would see the field at Bama? It will be pronounced next Saturday.

Truth is CBB recruits the same as CBP and HDN (rankings bear this out) and yet has had worse results.

I fully understand his record and the frustration of the fans. I’m saying patience can pay off. Would it if he came back another year? I do not have a crystal ball and neither do you.

No homerism here at all. How many times have fans said in the past you have to beat out Bama, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and other elites to have a chance on the field? I remember calling kids over the last 10-12 years and very seldom did I do a commitment story where Arkansas beat out the schools below until Bielema got here. I remember fans saying ‘We need to move on from the kid because he has an offer from Bama or Florida or whoever.’ That’s not the case anymore. Bama wanted Gooden and Pool this year and Florida wanted Mincey.

Below is what I’ve posted several times on the board. As to why the rankings don’t support that you probably need to ask them, but below is factual. If not, show me otherwise.

Nutt beat out elite programs for Ugoh in 2002, none in 2003, Michael Grant, Fred Beldsoe and Hillis in 2004, Felix Jones and Darren in 2005. Three out-of -state recruits with elite offers.

Petrino beat out elites for Joe Adams in 2008, Ronnie Wingo, Knile Davis, Darius Winston and David Gordon in 2009, none in 2010, Tevin Mitchel, Brey Cook, Mitch Smothers, Lonnie Gosha, Quinta Funderburke and Andrew Peterson in 2011 and none in 2012. Seven out-of-state recruits with elite offers.

Bielema beat out elites for Hunter Henry, Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland, Dan Skipper and Reeve Koehler in 2013, Frank Ragnow, Brian Wallace, Bijhon Jackson and Rafe Peavey in 2014, Jalen Merrick, Will Gragg, CJ O’Grady, Hjalte Froholdt, Zach Rogers, Ty Storey in 2015, Devwah Whaley, McTelvin Agim, Briston Guidry in 2016, Montaric Brown, Chevin Calloway, Kam Curl, Jeremy Patton, Brandon Martin, Chase Hayden, Jarques McClellion in 2017. That makes 18 out-of-state kids with elite offers in five years. The list above has five classes for Petrinio and four for Nutt.

Bielema is probably a better recruiter than Nutt or Petrino. He hasn’t had those playmakers like Matt Jones, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Ryan Mallett or Joe Adams. He also does not show the capability of being a good game day coach. His teams seldom play with emotion or passion…which is a Razorback tradition. The 2nd half fold jobs have not endeared him to a lot of fans. It is not working for some reason. Richard, what do you think is wrong with the program? You certainly know more about what is happening than most of us.

I’m puzzled like most. I expected the offense to much the same as the last two years. I thought another year of development and experience would help the OL. I think I did underestimate the inexperience at WR. I think they’re making progress but not enough to make up for the loss of Drew, Keon and Jeremy.

Please just wait one more year to judge CBB.

Here’s the flaw in your analysis. Bama, Auburn, FSU, Michigan put out WAY more offers than AR… Just about any decent player WILL have a Bama offer. Bama lets them know, once the bus is full, that is it!.. Obviously when Bama has 250 offers out, they can’t take them all so to say “we beat Bama for this or that recruit” is not a fair analysis… The best way to evaluate it is WHERE DID WE END UP IN THE RECRUITING RANKINGS WITHIN THE SEC?..under CBB, not in the top half…

If that’s the case why didn’t Nutt and Petrino get more guys with those offers if they throw out so many offers?

I personally think they the differing styles does play a part as well. Brets style is more similar to Bama and LSU than Petrinos was. That means different recruiting needs, more so on offense. Either way bret has the more talented teams, no doubt, he’s just the inferior coach, by a long shot.

Hey, Onetime7, welcome to the board. I see you are enjoying it with 34 posts in two days. Not saying anything bad about that. Just saying I’m happy you are enjoying it. Opinions of all kinds are welcome.

I think he style is been working but no matter what u can’t run when there are 10 in the box and the OL and AA have to help
To me AA is gun shy and I uderstand why
But there is where CDE and CBB HAVE to change some. Run more sweeps than draws call RPOS
Even put a running QB in even if it’s a freshman to make the Def think

AA will struggle in play action if the Def ear holes him before he can turn around