It all comes down to recruiting. I have SO been beaten up for saying CBB does not work hard enough recruiting. We own in-state,always have. The key is NOT taking the LSU, TCU, MSU leftovers. More offers & more visits!!! That’s why in year 5, we’re not better. No depth. No 4 or 5 *'s. It’s the Jimmy and Joe’s PLUS coaching ability. Even If cbb can coach, he isn’t recruiting well enough. Just saying.

Our recruiting level in SEC has ranged from 9th to 11th the past so many years. Our finish has been in bottom half as well. If we don’t improve our recruiting to a higher level, we remain a bottom dweller.

It can and should improve.

We should be able to bring a top 20 class, we have some of the best facilities in the country. Brand new stadium, and opportunity to play early, no excuse. Stop looking for mathletes and look for athletes!

My understanding from reading this board , the staff is loaded with very good recruiters… better classes are on the horizon…!!

Bielema best since Broyles, maybe better.

Who wouldn’t want a chance to play for an overwhelmingly underachieving coach. It’s every elite athletes dream!


theres no talent to speak of in OK either, but they have 2 competitive programs.
Neb is adopting the AR syndrome. If they don’t get their program back up quickly, they’re doomed to our fate. “We can’t cause we have no talent in our state.”

i fully expect decommittments from those already committed. you rank someone said 9th to 11th in recruiting, well, thats about where we are in this league.

Who did Nutt and Petrino sign with offers from Bama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan and other elites? A few, but not many. Bielema has done it many times over when history tells you it’s rare for the Hogs to do so.

So does that show us how bad Brets coaching and development really is?

Nutt and Petrino won much more with much less… I think it does.

The stars are part of it but Richard is right about the kids that Coach B has signed that were Being recruited by Bama And Auburn.
The product on the field is hard to watch at times but you can’t win when you give you opponent 21 points. From the time CJ fumble yesterday it was over. That’s this team can’t handle adversity.
It will get better. No matter what the outcome of a game is I wouldn’t trade for the scum bag Motorcycle guy!

You can make that argument, but like I posted elsewhere that it was Frank Beamer’s 7th season before he turned the corner. He went 2-9, 3-8, 6-4-1, 6-5, 5-6 and 2-8-1 before going 9-3 and winning at a high level the following years.

I totally get the frustration. It’s hard to look past the present.

I can’t forecast the future same as others can’t either.

No doubt Arkansas’ margin for error is very small right now. That’s what it’s shocking to look back and see how Arkansas had a chance to beat A&M. When you give up as many big plays Arkansas did in the game it’s should’ve been an easy win for the Aggies.

I for one hope we do not have to wait around another two years clinging to Frank Beamers one in a million turn around. The fans are tired of it, these days 5 years is a long time to get a program right, much more than it was even 15 years ago.

Just pointing it out. There are some others including Coach K in BB.

I would disagree on your last point.

Nutt and Petrino did a heck of a lot more with their recruits than Bielema is doing with his, reckon why that is? Must have something to do with coaching ability.

I say that because with social media and other more accessiblity to programs, atleast in my view fans seem to get much less patient with a coach.

I figure 15 years ago Bret wouldn’t be on as hot of a seat as today.

But that’s just my thoughts

We can agree on that. I thought you were saying it was easier to win in five years back when Beamer first started.

This was the same argument people made about s Pelphrey…" we need to give him another year. It took Coach K a long time and he may be like Coach K!" No he wasn’t. Coach K has more basketball knowledge in his left pinky toe than Pelphrey has in his whole body… it’s called the exception to the rule.