Recruiting visits: Small vs big setting

As most know, Bielema likes to entertain small groups or one prospect at time while some fans like to have bigger groups as in so called junior days, etc.

As mentioned previously, 2019 OT Darius Thomas of Jonesboro and his parents visited Arkansas on Friday. They visited back in the spring when Arkansas had several other prospects and their families on campus. Darius’ father is a big fan of the individual setting vs. group.

They were able to have a very thorough look at the entire program. Darius’ parents were very impressed academic center and support given to the student-athlete. The one-on-one time with the coaches and the support staff was a big plus.

They arrived at 10 am and left around 5 pm.

That is great to hear. If we could just start winning games I really do believe the recruiting could head to new heights. If we can win some games do you believe that we could take that next step in the SEC? Or do you pretty much expect recruiting at Arkansas to stay in the 20’s?

I’m not RD but I think it will improve with wins. The narcissistic culture makes kids want to be visible in the media and brag about playing for a winner. We have been able to recruit in spite of the drop off after the April Motorcycle wreck about 6 years ago. We have not won big but we have had a few competitive years that created buzz. We have established a beach head in Louisiana, and gained our footing in Texas. We appear to be increasing our relationship coverage in Texas. Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, and Memphis appear to have a good future for us.

2 good solid seasons will boost us and remove the instability rumors that our competitors are using against us and CBB. Our competitors are telling kids that CBB is gone after this year or next that they won’t know who they are going to play for and this is what is holding us back.