Recruiting Thursday: Arkansas in a good spot with forward Josh Leblanc

I know some aren’t fans of audio, but this is some pretty strong stuff from Josh. … rward-jos/

Great Interview RD. Seems like he all but said Arkansas will be in that top 3, but we all know how those things go. We’ll know for certain next week it looks like.

Sounds like Arkansas offering Keyshawn Embery has helped a little bit as well. If we can land Leblanc it would be huge, he’s not Reggie Perry caliber, but he’s not a bad replacement by any means. Also, liked that he said Scotty is one of the hardest recruiters on him at the moment.

Can’t argue with your post. You read the interview I like I did.

Still worried about LSU and Texas A&M here.

Totally understand. Not saying he’s coming but at least they’re in the running.

What is the connection to A&M?

My take on following him on tweeter and actually communicating with him is that LSU is his dream school, but he really likes Scotty, Mike and Arkansas system. You are right LSU is his leader.

He talks about LSU and Texas A&M here. This was from like a week and a half ago. They were clearly his 2 leaders at that point. No mention of Arkansas at all. … anding-out

However, with that said, he does have a lot of twitter activity about Arkansas as you mentioned, even retweeted one of your posts about him being a good fit at Arkansas. Also, the new dynamic here that could come into play is he wants to play with Keyshawn Embery, apparently they friends. McPherson is reporting they will be visiting Arkansas together on August 25th and that will be Leblanc’s official visit. McPherson said he confirmed this with both Leblanc and Embery. However, I’d like to hear RD or Dudley confirm it as well, before I get too excited about it.