Recruiting these days

What can and are the coaches doing relative recruiting right now?

Text, phone and instant message.

Figured that was about it. got to be very difficult on both sides of that deal.

We can assume all P-5 programs have the same recruiting restrictions due the situation?
To avoid anyone gaining advantage.

Wire transfer instead of bags of cash?

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Wires are traceable, so they’re including a bottle of hand sanitizer and a 12 pack of toilet paper in with the cash, seems to be working well.

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Leaving paper trails? Rookie mistake.

Zelle. Or mail them a debit card :roll_eyes:


Gus: “If you sign with Auburn, we’ll supply you and your family toilet paper for life”.

Same. No advantages.

Throw in some latex gloves. Nobody likes handling and rehandling cash these days. Corona protocol.

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