Recruiting Still Lagging

13th in SEC so far. Avg. for players around 10th in SEC. I know we only have 10 players, but CCM and staff need to really improve. Losing recruits to rival teams for whatever reason - ok I get it. But this isn’t good.

Dudley, are you predicting any improvement from last year? Or is it all down to the results for this upcoming season?

Avg for players last year was 10th, and we had a 2-10 season. My guess it will probably stay the same, unless we somehow go 12-0

In my opinion it may take a 6-6 season for the overall ranking in the recruit rankings to move north. The good thing about it is there’s not much farther down the hogs can go the only way to move is up! Win some game and gain some steam a little at a time! Patience and keep it real for the next 2 years.

Last year was an amazing recruiting year, especially considering the sorry state of the program lately, which now has won 6 of its last 26 games.

As for improvement this year, it’s too early to judge for me.

On July 1st of last season, Arkansas had six commits and then got three in the next week.

It then got nuts in late July and early August as pledges came in fast.