Recruiting Status 1-20-20

RD\DD have indicated we sign 22-24 and SP has said we will keep 1-2 open for transfers . Using 24 as the number to sign, we have signed 10 as noted with 6 on campus now. We have commits after this weekend for 6 more so we are at 16 right now. That leaves 8 openings and one of those might also join the on campus ones in next day or two.

Numbers are tight if we look at these left , and says a lot about Coaches belief in the ones taken this weekend.

Franks\Hornsby QB
Williams WR
Horace\Frazier TE
St. John, Jones, Scott, Henderson OL
Jackson\Edwards RB

We are short QB’s, TE’s, and Linemen. We will not pass on Williams. So of the above that totals 9 if we take 2 QB and 2 TE. Leaves no room for RB or one of the 9, I am assuming coaches feel one of the commits could fill the TE slot . Will be interesting to see their focus on allocating these and how they can close with 2+ weeks left.

RD\DD , does this sound right to you guys from your insights, etc. If number is 22, then there are three of the 9 mentioned not coming.

Don’t forget Javon Baker at WR. I have a gut feeling we actually have a good chance there, idk why or have any real reason to believe that. Just seems like he’s not thrilled about his situation with Bama not letting him sign.

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I believe the number to be at 17, if Luke Jones was place on scholarship in Jan 2020, he must be counted in this recruiting class.

Arkansas will not save a scholarship for transfers, if they have a chance to sign the right high school recruit.

Numbers change based on who wants to come. You plan to sign 20 and two guys high on the board want to come, you take them.

I’ve said they’ll sign around 20. Could be one or two or more over that.

You need to leave a few spots for transfers. How many will that be? I think that’s fluid.

Who is the 10th signee? I only count nine that have actually signed unless you’re talking about a transfer??

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Arkansas is at 17, counting Luke Jones. I think most expect Ebony Jackson and F Franks to come aboard this week, if this pans out, Arkansas has a total of 19… They would like to add a high school QB (Hornsby), TE (Allen Horace), WR (S Williams) and at least two OL (St Johns, R Scott). You are at 24, What if B Jones wants to come to Arkansas.

Luke Jones may be able to take Collin Clay’s spot in that class. Jones had to come on his own dime, I believe, but arrived last fall as Clay. That frees up a spot for 2020.

Grad Transfers should only count against the 85 overall roster count. Thus, Franks doesn’t count against this year’s 25.


They count against the recruiting class.

Thanks. Would make me much more skeptical about signing many.

Oklahoma , that was my point. Depends on the number they will take but not many slots to take all of them. Further complicated in that it will be closer to Feb 5 before the coaches know who is coming for sure.

To use RD’s number of 20, then we have four slots open–squeeze in QB , TE, 2 linemen then you have no receivers, running backs or added linemen. I have to think the number is 24 but that is pure guess and why I raised ? in the post. Also if number is 24 vs 20 , it is measure of how well the staff can close now that they are all on the ground and running so to speak.

Here is the ncaa rule
A student-athlete who has been in residence at the certifying institution for at least one academic year may receive athletically related financial aid for the first time without such aid counting as an initial award, provided the aid falls within the overall grant limitation

Anyone under a year counts within the 25 Initial scholarship limit.

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The rule book is amazingly dense, almost 400 pages in length. The specifics of Grad Transfers are not mentioned in the same location as the other grant-in-aid regulations. would SEEM to cover Luke Jones taking Collin Clay’s scholarship in the 2019 class, for example. But, it is not entirely clear.

Thanks for your clarification.

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