Recruiting ranking

Rivals has the Hogs’ class at #12, ESPN has the Hogs #18 and 247 has the Hogs’
ranked #19 as of a few minutes ago. Subject to change as more signings come in.

Rivals has us #6 in the SEC. 247 says the #9 class in the SEC, ESPN says #8.

Future opponents: Texas is #5 in Rivals, Mobilehoma is #13

Do these rankings include transfers from the portal?

I don’t think so Goodness Texas has slipped they are generally 1 :slightly_smiling_face:

No they did not include the transfer portal

Nope. No sign of Haselwood

Looked at how they assess our individual recruits. ESPN has Chamblee, Rowser, Harris and Sategna as our 4-stars, top to bottom. Rivals has 6 4-stars and Chamblee isn’t one (they have Rowser as our best). 247 also has 4 4-stars, with Sategna rated highest.

Rivals 4-stars, top to bottom: Rowser, Dubinion, McAdoo, Harris, Davillier, Sategna.

247 4-stars: Sategna, Chamblee, Harris, McAdoo. But 247 does not yet include Rowser, who would be our fifth 4-star and rated second behind Sategna.

That is great. Coach Pittman and his staff just continue to do a great job. Thank you Coach and thank you, Hunter, for making a great hire.

Tom Lemming’s top 25

  1. Texas A&M

2 Georgia,

  1. Alabama,

  2. Ohio State,

  3. Penn State

  4. Texas

  5. Notre Dame

  6. North Carolina

  7. Oklahoma

  8. Michigan.

  9. Kentucky

  10. Stamford

  11. Auburn

  12. Florida State

  13. Missouri.

  14. Arkansas

  15. Clemson

  16. Tennessee

  17. Indiana

  18. Mississippi State

21.Michigan State

  1. Mississippi

  2. South Carolina

  3. LSU

  4. Oklahoma State

I think the way you’re laying it out, the more appropriate 247 ranking is #13 because that is their staff’s evaluation. The #19 represents the composite ranking.

I can’t find a 247 team ranking that isn’t the composite so…

Saw someone say, they should include Haselwood, Jackson, Stromberg, and Catalon. Pretty good four to have here next year

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When you’re looking at the rankings next to the teams, the number in the box under it is the 247 staff ranking.

What this tells us is that ESPN’s ranking is dragging us down. Considering that ESPN puts the least investment in their recruiting analyst staff by a long shot, I’m choosing to throw that ranking.

It would be nice to see the hogs in the top 15 every year. What caught my attention today was Coach Pittman said we are getting better. He compared it to last year and the year before.
The way the hogs play on the field and compete has improved like night and day since Coach was hired.

The Aggies are the new LSU. They will do less with more.

Oh OK, I see that now.

RD says Tom Lemming had us 16th, I think, so that’s another data point. Firmly in the teens anyway. I agree that ESPN puts the least effort into it.

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