Recruiting ranking disciples please explain

Well, that was not supposed to happen! The Hogs don’t have the talent as proven by the indisputable evidence of talent and production in the recruiting rankings the past 5 to 6 years. Clearly Florida won the game 31-10, and all these people who say Arkansas won are delusional.

But seriously, what a beat-down, which once again proves recruiting rankings are not determinative of results. Arkansas must recruit talented players, but the recruiting rankings do not accurately assess Arkansas classes – never have, never will. And that was not a fluke win or lucky squeaker – that was annihilation by Arkansas over Florida. GO HOGS!!

Speaking of recruits, this one will help keep those like Montaric Brown and others true to Arkansas.

Does anyone remember my prediction – Arkansas 27, Florida 10…pretty close!

On a one-off basis I agree with your statement; however, how many times have we beaten Fla. over the last twenty-five years? We do have a lot of great players, and some of them have mostly been on the bench all year or playing the wrong position, apparently. Really proud of this team for coming back after the Auburn game, wish I could have seen the game. Will catch it later in the week on SECN.

If we can beat LSU again that would really get the recruiting world’s attention.