Recruiting question

Insiders do you think it’s possible that Chad and staff decide it’s more valuable to load up this years staff, with more commits than expected, 25-28 or so, and do a little bit of house cleaning with this roster?

There’s a lot of dead weight on scholarship and it would be in our best interest it seems like to let them transfer and get guys that fit this system.

Yes, for sure. I expect some to leave after the season.

Good I’m glad to hear that, and assumed it would be the case. It’s hard to justify keeping a lot of these guys. Need a roster makeover.

Richard, this may have been asked elsewhere, but the word is that recruits onhand yesterday were laughing at how bad the team is. Do you know that happened and does that affect recruiting?

An insider said Arkansas can’t counted anyone back to 2018. There was a debate on this board why couldn’t they count anyone back.

Several years ago CBB made the same statement on video at a press conference when asked same question.

Jamario Bell
Austin Cantrell
Nate Dalton
Colton Jackson
Kendrick Jackson
Blake Johnson
C.J. O’Grady
Lamichael Pettway
Ryan Pulley
Deon Stewart
Ty Storey

These players should be 5th yr. senors next season. I would think 3 or 4 of these will transfer.