Recruiting Question - Would it be a violation if

I like to play around with cool graphics and paint programs and make images… generally football, basketball, or baseball schedule desktop. Anyways Its way to early for those and I got to noticing all these things about recruits posting offers on Twitter. So I thought wouldn’t it be cool to make something for that moment and post it to Twitter.

Then I had the nasty feeling I could be in some sort of recruiting violation area, so thought I’d ask, before I posted it.

Case in point I made one for DJ Arkansas.

It looked like this:
scr cap

Any insight would be appreciated.

I think that looks FANtastic.

Thank you, appreciate the compliment, but not really what I was after. I just don’t want to be making something like this and post it to somebodies Twitter then find out its some sort of recruiting violation because I’m a U of A alumnus and donator. That’s what I’m curious about.

Fans do it all the time. I see recruits tweeting stuff out like that a lot.

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