Recruiting Progress

Probably not a new idea, but I’m incredibly encouraged by the headway of the new coaching staff. I don’t remember the last time we’ve had this many four and five stars including us in their top 30 schools, let alone top 10. Even if we land only one of them, it shows these guys are at least paying attention. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but I’m feeling excited. Woo Pig!

As I said in another thread, if the player does not really want to be a Hog then go after those that do, be it in state or out of state. I agree with coach. Don’t beg them to come here. Bring in the players that are taking serious interest in being Hogs!

I think some of these highly rated players that show us as making their list are serious or we would not be there. It is a numbers game to some extent, but we can improve the odds with a great recruitment plan which we seem to have. It appears that we have a great set of recruiters pushing the plan and what they are offering is a top notch opportunity. With that said, I share the bright hope and outlook for our future.

RD has to write articles at about 3x the pace of the past years, I can’t tell if I feel sorry for him for all the work or if he’s loving all the action, lol