Recruiting Process

What all goes into the grading of recruits? Obviously, there are the tangibles: speed, height, weight, etc. Then you probably study their highlight tapes. When looking at tape do coaches look for that raw talent or more for how well they read their keys? If both, which is weighted more heavily? I remember looking at Ryan Pulley’s high school highlight tapes when he was a recruit and thinking he was a carbon copy of joe adams (I’ll always be able to tell people just how right I was). Now I’m hearing a lot of the same things about Warren, Curtis, McClellion, and especially Curl. How do these guys slip through the cracks if their intangible talent is so apparent?

Probably not as much exposure as some recruits. It can be expensive to attend camps and events necessary to gain maximum exposure.

But for every guy like pulley that slips through there many that never work out.
I’m not going to mention names out of respect for the kids, but I recall BB saying something along the lines of when you recruit (enter position) this is what you want your guy to look and play like. That player referenced showed to be entirely too slow and honestly just not very good at all.
Hopefully all of these kids like the ones you mentioned turned out like pulley, that would be great! They definitely seem to have the speed and intangibles.

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