Recruiting or X's and O's?

What is more important? (And by X’s and O’s I actually mean all the coaching stuff other than recruiting, “coaching them up”; motivating them, etc. etc. )

First let me say I assume that no one who has made it to a Power 5 team as a coach is devoid of X’s and O’s, just by being around it you are going to pick up on a lot of things. But clearly there are some coaches who can just flat out coach the other guys (the classic “he can beat you with his guys or take your guys and beat you” type comments).

I have gone back and forth. Again, I do not think anyone at this level is devoid of some ability to do both, but which is more important?

Right now I am in the “recruiting” camp. But I am not sure I am right.

The Jimmys and Joes…

I think Tommy tuberville said it best when he said he liked. Staff full of recruiters, because two guys can coach a football team.

This is kind of like football’s equivalent to the chicken and the egg.

Good recruiting means little if the coaching is bad (see: Arkansas, 2012) and good coaching means little if there aren’t players (see: Arkansas, 2008).

Ever notice that the coaches that have stepped up this season and spoke out on what many of our Sec coaches should do to turn around their progrsm are at this time unemployed ! That’s like taking advice on how to build a home from a auto mechanic, some of these guys get jobs with the media and have advice for every coach including Saban and 95% we’re fired from their last coaching gig for losing or violations. WPS

Coach Clock says it’s all about recruiting.

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My problem with BB has been recruiting. Not near enough SEC type players, especially on the line. Not near enough speed and quickness all over. That is a little better now, but not all over. Linemen MUST be able move and move well in SEC.

Have not worried to much about X & Os. What difference does it make if you can’t at least get a tie on the LOS?

Need great evaluators

See Tcu

X and Os + great evaluator. See Gary Patterson. I don’t believe we will ever win a stars based recruiting battle without cheating.

It’s important in your recruiting to spend the time watching the kids plays to find the ones with the motor and desire you need.
Then once you get them to campus it’s on you the coaching staff to develop them into a finished product.
What bothers me to this point we heard about kick off return all during summer camp and it translates to the field in the Auburn game.
Why have Warren and his talent if your not going to use his speed.
It’s the same issue with defense being passive. We sat back in coverage and let Mond pick us apart. No pressure. Last week in the second half was the first time I’ve really seen any pressure or aggressiveness by our defense.

Talent doesn’t do you any good if your to stupid or stubborn to use your skill guys on both sides of the ball.

Obviously you need coaches that know x’s and o’s.

But the college game is not that complicated.

Got to have players or x and o doesn’t matter much.

Great coaches typically are usually beneficiaries of great players.

Great coaches have a hard time winning without players.

Is Beilema better if he has Georgia or Alabama or Penn State talent? Of course.

Why is Penn State coach decent at Vandy and one of the best in country now? Exactly.

Switzer, Royal, Saban - most of the greats are not great if they don’t have the talent year after year.

Warren has been returning kickoffs all season; he had a return for 21 yards against FAMU. It took us until Auburn to really block for him (although he did have a 42-yarder against the Poultry).

Not to pick on you, Army, but this is something that bugs me to no end about our society in general and the Internet in particular. People get criticized for doing things they didn’t do, or being born in countries where they weren’t born. The facts of a situation don’t seem to matter.

I couldb’t agree less on the complicated part of college football.

It may not be the NFL, but it is most certainly several, several notches above HS.

It’s why very few true freshmen QBs can handle reading the defenses, recognizing coverages, can pick up what is a real blitz and something just to rattle the signal caller.

I think Arkansas’ problems have to do with recruiting and development.

So there are many players that haven’t developed and that to me translates to coaching…

Its coaching…TJ Hammond’s gives you an explosive play and we haven’t seen him since…They all have to go! This staff is terrible.

Great question and thread stillgreghog ! I agree with army hog more even if an example may have been incorrect. How long did it take to get Sosha on the field last year? Does coastal Carolina have better jimmy and joes than we do? Who is struggling to win? College football is very complicated. I would argue coach B. Is a better recruiter than he is an x/o coach. Coastal is winning with their second team qb. We don’t ever play ours. X and os win out.