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We have started seven former walk-ons this year. We just played the perennial Top 5 recruiting team within a touchdown. Imagine if our recruiting classes could add ONE more stud, impact defender each class?

If you score 35 on Bama you scored enough to compete, obviously. Deficiencies in WR depth and overall talent at OL are being addressed, it seems.

Hope we can land a couple of Ty’kreist Crawford types on defense - guys who went to a smaller school for a year, played great, and now are ready to see big boy football every weekend. I am thinking transfer portal as we are pretty well tapped out for HS talent in this class. They are good, but a couple of additional impact guys would help.

I kept thinking what adding Catalon to the back end would be like. What if Gordon had been healthy and able to work into the CB rotation?

AJ Green was recruited by OU to be a DB. An idea, maybe.

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Need more speed in secondary for sure

Yes we are somehow going to have to start landing really impact DL if we are ever going to have a great defenseand we only have two committed coming in and neither one of them are nowhere near ready to help us anytime soon. I think we will have to hit the portal heavy on the DL.

We are going to have to find a way to get speed in the secondary here. I think our program is on the rise and we may can start getting the types of players we need to really be a threat to win big. I’m looking forward to seeing how this year helps us in recruiting going forward.

Catlon would have made an impact these last few games if he could have stayed healthy! Our defense lacks speed. They play with pure heart and guts! The next few recruiting classes are key for the hogs to move up the ladder in the SEC west. I’m hoping Catlon comes back next season ready to play. Closing out this season with a win over Missouri and a bowl win would be huge!

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I see ur point, but keep in mind Bama had at least 4 players out for our game.

Don’t look at Bama look at the Hogs. Ask yourself would Catlon have been able to defend any of those deep balls?
The hogs are closing the gap. Just get a little more speed on the back end of the defense and gain some muscle in the trenches.

Definitely need more speed in the secondary and stout and fast DE’s- must be able to make the high level QB’s uncomfortable and out of rhythm.

I don’t think Catalon covers deep any better than what we have, I think Slusher is better deep than Catalon. We need inside push to play our current scheme effectively and is also true aroung the NFL. I had hoped for better from Nichols up the middle than he has played lately. He is bigger but not as explosive as he was last year. Speed kills and you gotta have it when you are recruited because it can be fine tuned but not developed in the weight room.

I think Catalom would have helped in run defense, but not pass defense in this game.

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