Recruiting insiders

Have you ever seen an Arkansas staff, ever get the quality and talent to come visit Arkansas? They certainly won’t get them all but if they can only get a few of them it’s unbelievable the amount of talent they can get to visit

No. Saturday is probably the biggest group of P5 kids I’ve seen at Arkansas in one day.

Extremely solid effort

I’m impressed with the entire staff! You have to get them to campus. That’s the first step. If you get enough to show up you will land a few. Just imagine what they can do when they start winning.

Not trying to talk up Petrino, but the Saturday Arkansas played Michigan at BWA, I remember Bo saying it was the best group of football recruits ever assembled in Fayetteville at one time. Correct me if Inam wrong.

If you’re talking DGB, Jordan Diamond and others that was very impressive but that was like 12 kids vs. 50-70 yesterday.

That was it.

The volume numbers are amazing! This staff is organized and plans to make things happen with a purpose. I hope they continue to work hard recruiting.

You know…the old saying of “there is power in numbers” (or something like that lol) really holds true for us in this situation. It started back in February of last year and you look at the large number of kids we got from that one particular weekend and the same thing may happen again this year. Word is getting out around the country that something special is going on up on The Hill and kids want to see it for themselves. The more kids (especially P5 kids) you have at one time the more the mind starts to think, I need to be a part of this special place. I mean, these kids are looking around and have to be thinking - there are a butt load of big time P5 studs here and I need to seriously consider it myself. The greater the number of P5 players rolling in the better your odds at landing more of them. In addition, they go back and start talking it up to other players as well and then hopefully you end up with the “trickle down” effect!

This staff is good…I mean damn good at what they are doing and I truly hope that it continues along with some more great commitments!

Keep up the great work CCM and staff!

Amazing what you can accomplish if you actually have Jr. Day events for your top prospects.