Recruiting improvements improves coaches

Smith was a diety on this board when we had better talent on defense.

Arkansas must find a way to overcome historic recruiting disadvantages and then good coaches will be considered great coaches.

Alabama and Clemson coaches are so much better than Arkansas why?


Put resources as never before into overcoming recruting disadvantages against bigs and all of our coaches are all stars.

This is not a coaching thing as much as we wish it were.

In my humble opinion watching this dance for several decades.

I agree somewhat…Great players do make coaches great, but coaches have to be able to put their players in situations to succeed. Also, these coaches are the same ones who recruited these players so it kind of goes hand in hand.

So, Bush, are you really wanting more Cadillacs and Mercedes roaming those roads in NWA like they do here in Tuscaloosa? What resources are we not using?

bush hog is absolutely correct. A player like B. Burslworth comes along once every decade.
Otherwise, as they say, it’s the Jimmys and Joes, not the X’s and O’s.
I think, however, that the Hogs don’t need 22 elite players, but do need several to blend with the rest.
We don’t have that now.
In my opinion, coaching is not the problem.
Folks, face it; it’s hard to get elite out-of-state players to come to Arkansas, and we don’t produce enough here.

Totally agree. I know the Hogs recruit Texas hard but to me, recruiting Texas, Ok and Missouri are the keys to future success. They are already doing a great job in Louisiana but need to do better in other border states. Much easier to sign a kid from Dallas with 4-5 hour drive to campus as opposed to Florida kids, be nice to to get 8-10 kids a year from Texas.

Florida kids have no problem following Patridge from Broward & Dade County to Arkansas because he has a personal connection to the High School coaches. It’s who is Recruiting them…

Randy Shannon reliance is on his rep at the U

The H.S. in my metro area alone produces enough talent to field 11 H.S. AA on both sides of the ball. Their favorite teams aren’t necessarily the Gator’s, Seminoles or Hurricanes but rather the Dolphins, Jaguars or Buccaneers.

You can’t just stick another positional coach in Texas you need someone with the gift of gab. Like WR coach Smith & DL Partridge.

I’d rather you add another coach in Louisiana than mining Missouri & Oklahoma unless you’ve got a former well known celebrity type originally from that area who can actually compete against the instate programs for the few 8-10 player’s of elite talent in each state.

Take the OU and Ok St. model and recruit the hell out of Texas. Its tons of talent here. Smith has Louisiana, if Partridge comes back he will have Florida, we need a bellcow in here in Texas.

Will be interesting to see if Micah Smith out of Marshall TX is a player. Under Jim Washburn and later under Nutt we used to recruit the heck out of small towns in East Texas - Randy Garner, Jason Peters, Bobby Williams, Kenoy Kennedy, Fred Talley- are examples of the East Texas pipeline.

TCU recruits this area hard and they also recruit north Louisiana hard.

We need to focus hard here.

Certainly not suggesting that we must break the law in order to compete with the bigs.

And I believe this coaching staff is trying hard and no doubt the AD is sympathetic to helping.

But we have to acknowledge this as a major issue and AD administration must address and lead innovative planning to overcome. No coaching personality will necessarily have a silver bullet to this decades long systemic problem in my view.

Part of the solution may be spending two and three times in recruiting budgets than the bigs that don’t have to spend that much.

Maybe we need staff up recruiting in multiple nearby states or inner city metro areas and consider innovative marketing or ads that differentiate our product in talent rich regions, all within letter of the law.

I’m obviously no specialist in this area at all.

But any business that consistently sees the same competitive disadvantages, but doesn’t constantly demand consideration of all innovative solutions possible to compete within letter of the law is likely doomed to similar results.

I so believe Arkansas can be a more consistent big.

OK, within the law, I thought we already had emphasis on recruiting Texas, LA, Florida, GA, even AL. There are only so many coaches that can go out at any given time. I am positive we have strong emphasis in the Dallas area. I am pretty sure coaches don’t suffer a budget issue with regards to legal recruiting.

I guess you can shift strong emphasis from Dallas to perhaps Houston area, or from LA and place that coach in FL to help emphasis down there.

You are not wrong in calling out weak recruiting areas. But, if you cannot hire more folks to help recruit, and if you and I cannot enter the fray in discussing our favorite university with young talent, then what can be done that isn’t already being done? How do you think CBB is not working recruiting just as hard as is legal?

I and many other folks speculate that the answer for those other schools is illegal recruiting, because they have the same amount of coaches on the recruiting trail and have just as much budget and similar facilities to display.

While travel is obviously easier in a Cadillac or Mercedes, you can get there with Chevy’s and Fords.

There are coaches who learn to get the most out of their chevys rather than make excuses when they don’t have a Cadillac. At Arkansas, while we are waiting to win the lottery so we can get that long awaited luxury ride, it is wise to find coaches who enjoy driving a chevy with the windows down and the music blasting!

Just a thought.

I think coach B and this AD are doing the best they can.

The systemic long term disadvantages may simply be a difficult one to overcome and likely will involve constantly trying different approaches.

I think we have good coaches and AD and they win big with improved talent.

You had some really thoughtful posts in this thread and displayed a lot of emotion, but you did summarize your thought process best, to me, in “likely will involve constantly trying different approaches.” Just wondered where you were coming from.

In State football development LR, PB, Etc. has damaged us more than we know. How many LR and PB kids were on the rosters of our 2005 and back teams? Our roster was historically full of LR and PB area kids until kids stopped caring about school much less sports. How many kids are walking the hallways in these big Arkansas school districts that if given the correct direction and guidance would be legit division 1 athletes?

The university should have academic programs at every big district…especially the inner city ones…to help these kids get involved and improve their grades. What this would do in the long run is make Arkansas better by creating better educated citizens and raise high school football quality. We would have better in state recruiting. Lately we have great teams when we have those select seasons with great Ark HS talent.

Image Marketing is key to show that our past is in the past, because our competition is telling recruits about the negative image of Arkansas. We have to focus on the kids we loose that won’t even consider us because of the rumors spread by our competitors. It isn’t about the recruits that you hear about talking to us, but it helps to show them too. Our AD staff needs to bench mark our competitors marketing and advertising tools to combat our competitors.

Our image is not good so we need to show that the whole state has things to be proud of yet we still need to improve. Our state and Fayetteville have landed on some good magazine lists that need to be AGGRESSIVELY marketed and emphasized. I have been told by some recent players that they were so happy they agreed to come on a recruiting visit to see the UofA with their own eyes. Other schools paint a pretty bleak picture of the UofA and many kids are narrow minded enough to believe it. We need a marketing campaign to show how nice it is in Arkansas and post it on the UofA athletics website.

If a recruit says that he had heard bad things about Arkansas, then I would love for our coaches to be able to send a link to a video page on our website that has various videos and positive rankings for Degree programs, Quality of Life, Jobs, Economic Growth, Hi tech, etc. from Magazines like Forbes, Money, US News and World Report, etc. A smart recruit would think, “do I listen to the Coach at A&M, OM, LSU, etc or do I watch a video with real visual proof and quotes from major magazines saying good things?”

In the world of drone video our AD should be commissioning videos of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Eureka Springs, etc. They should have video segments about Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Crystal Bridges, AMP and recent musical acts, Beaver Lake, etc. They should have video segments about the national ranking by Magazines of All Arkansas cities for standard of living and job growth. They should do a video segment about the rest of the state and Little Rock, River Market, Clinton Library, Heiffer, Dillards, Stephens, etc.

Please look at what other schools do for parents, recruits and coaches. You have to remember it isn’t just about what the player wants to see, because their parents and HS coaches have concerns and interests.

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Ole Miss

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Thanks for the note. I’m afraid I don’t have the answers. My first recommendation as with business might be recognizing the issue. I’ve been afraid that we may not fully recognize - or want to admit this issue. Perhaps not this board but larg segments of the fans may not appreciate this systemic issue. If business success analogy, we may simply be a company that has to spend more in R and D, marketing and personnel than our competitors to match or come close to their success. if our goal is to be a top program or more consistent big beyond mid tier.

It’s tough to do because we can sit around the board room and lament that we have to spend more than competition or put more resources in place and wish instead we could just have built in advantages.

Instead I think we need at high managements levels embrace and admit the issue and consider every innovative way within the rules to overcome.

We have to confront the image lies used against us. We have to use electronic media to prove the lies wrong. Many players don’t even give us a CHANCE to talk to them because they believe the lies. Recruits get on campus and are shocked about how nice Fayetteville and the UofA is.

Sigh. Here we go again. Why are so you dead-set convinced that we don’t do any of this? Just because you can’t easily find it on the interwebz doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

We don’t have anything that is low interaction capable for a recruit to look at about us to dispel rumors. It’s just like walking onto a car lot and getting hounded by sales people, but many people want to look without having to deal with a pushy salesperson. We do NOT have the ease of access for a player that has a tad bit of interest but the stories he has been told are impacting his decision to move forward with interaction. Other schools provide no pressure/easy access to websites and write ups to impress on the first bit of research. We need this and you have to consider this element of pressure on the first bit of research.