Recruiting: I know we will miss some

But I for one think the Hogs are doing a great job so far! Just about all of our commits so far had other options involving some of the top schools in the country. Just think what it will be like when we start winning games!

I agree…we may be lacking in total numbers right now…(still early so no worried) we’re getting quality big time! We have a couple of 4 stars and a couple of others who will probably get that 4th start during the season. Love what CCM is doing!

Look at their offers not their stars. Almost all of our commits have some top Power 5 offers. When we are recruiting against recent top ten programs like Georgia, OU, Bama, LSU, etc. then it doesn’t matter how many stars recruiting gurus give them. We have to accept that we will not get them all and may lose some we really want, but this staff is going about this the right way. If they can put an exciting product on the field, then they will really take off.

The other thing I like is that the sons of former Razorbacks are committing to playing for a brand new coaching staff with far bigger ties to Texas than to the Hogs. That’s a good sign that the new staff understands the importance of connecting to ex-players.

Look at Williams offers: Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia et al. Yet there is hardly any chatter on the board today. I think we’ve got a great group so far.

Serious upgrade in player potential, impact players that can cause major
problems for the opposing QB’s. Disruption leads to turnovers.

What a difference a week makes!! Some we’re ready to jump off the cliff.

Love seeing the defensive line recruits and receivers. But sure would like to see some more offensive linemen on the list. Looks like the Jonesboro kid going elsewhere and Wilkins leaning to Oklahoma. Big area of need. Poor depth at this position. Hope this offensive line coach can recruit and coach. Have read some not so stellar reports elsewhere but not from reliable sources. Time will tell and I hope we get a few committed soon.