Recruiting hype vs. reality

All the deserved hype about our incoming class got me thinking about the biggest upside and downside surprises in our history based on expectations vs. reality

Biggest disappointment compared to hype: Willie Cutts–McDonalds all American, played < 2 seasons, averaged < 3 PPG
Runner up: Olu Famutimi (solid college player, just never lived up to hype and never really recovered from knee injury in high school)

Biggest upside compared to (lack of hype): Tie–Scotty Thurman, Corey Beck

I’ll nominate US Reed to the biggest upside compared to lack of hype. He was a last minute addition to the team. His HS coach was a dear friend. He told me early on that US would surprise a lot of folks.

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US Reed is an all time great Hog!

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pat bradley.

I know the thread is about basketball, but I’d like to nominate Gary Brashears (sp?) as the biggest overrated bust in Razorback recruiting history.

Springdale 5. yikes.

Roger Crawford, Mason Jones. GIbson and Dean, Macon. so many underrated players through the years.


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