Recruiting hits and misses

The nature of fans, and I’m as bad as anyone. We get commitments and signings from a really solid group of players, some at the top at the food chain at their positions, and we focus on the one we don’t get. The complaining about not being able to recruit defensive linemen is not entirely true. It’s mostly not true. We signed 4 really good d linemen last season, probably the best single year for defensive line recruiting for Arkansas I can ever remember (Agim, Marshall, Capps, Guidry). Three were 4 star players, the other (Marshall), we stole away from Oklahoma St. the last week of January. I wanted Edwards too, but he won’t make or break next season’s defensive line play. The guys signed last year, plus the ones returning, will do that. Plus they’ll still be around after Edwards would have been through with his eligibility. People always want what they don’t get. The basketball Hogs won the national championship in basketball in 1994, lost 3 games all year. How pitiful is it that I spent the offseason lamenting a loss to Kentucky in the SEC tournament almost as much as I celebrated winning the national championship.