Recruiting has to be the top priority

The lesson that we have learned with Mike’s tenure is that a really good coach who is not a really good recruiter will not consistently win at the level that is acceptable. Because of that, I would argue that the most important factor with the next coach is to look past their resume and see if they show signs that they will be able to win tough recruiting battles with other big name schools for top players year in and year out.

I’m not saying that the coach has to cheat, but we need someone who goes all in on recruiting as their top priority and is innovative. Kind of like how Chad Morris doesn’t have three Rose Bowls on his resume, but his commitment to recruiting appears to be giving him a chance to have more success here than the coach who did.

Obviously the best candidate would give you both, but if forced to choose, I would absolutely take a coach who is going to bring in top talent over one who has a past history of winning. This is what Memphis did by replacing Tubby Smith with Penny Hardaway and it is about to pay huge dividends for them. I hope that Hunter Yurachek will keep this in mind when making his choice.

How we recruit will need to be top priority. We are going all in or not.

Bingo. You get it,

I think recruiting to Arkansas is a big drawback until you win big or you have a big name that recruits know like a Penny. I am not talking about the type of talent Chad Morris is signing but 5 stars and McDonalds AAs. Mike signed a lot of 4 stars but just 1 5-star. I bet 90% of the Arkansas fans disagree on my take.

Yes we need a great recruiter but we are not going to beat out the cheaters for the one-and-dones unless we cheat too, so someone who can take good players and get them to play great is a must for Arkansas. Sampson is doing that right now at Houston and it will be really interesting when his Cougars play the slimeballs one-and-doners Friday night.

Mike’s problem was he didn’t sign and keep enough 4 stars. He needs 10 players that can play at that level and he never had enough of them. You’ve talked about this too… Mike had some misfortune happen when he lost Qualls and Portis in the same year and his roster never caught up. He did sign enough 4 stars last year but didn’t have enough on the roster to begin with. I guess at this point it looks like it was “too little, too late”.

True about Mike. But I am talking one or two steps beyond that. Yuracheck has set the bar at being a consistent contender for SEC and national championship every year. For that to happen, we got to have plenty of 5 stars like Huery, Day, Mayberry, Corliss, Robinson, Hood, Reed along with 4 stars.

we have to recruit better!

It won’t happen with the 4 or 5 star players!
Not at first. 3 and 4 stars that put in the work get you on the map! Look at Tennessee.
The bottom line with the hogs is the players on the team right now need to get the weight room and work! They also need to work on their shots and ball skills.
The depth on the team has been lacking for several years. Recruiting is the only way out of this.
Role players can’t take 3’s and you sure won’t win with 3 players on the floor that are challenged to take it off the dribble or shoot! It was a miracle Joe was able to get as many shots this past season!

Recruiting hasn’t been as bad as you think.
It been keeping them on campus and on the team. Bad luck with Garland.

This next season won’t be a lot better than the one we just witnessed.

Well, the Tennessee approach is the Anderson model. The freshman group he signed, even without Perry, can do something special by their junior year just like Tennessee. However that requires patience on part of the fans. I don’t think fans are patient at Arkansas at this point.



You’re right PJ. Just for fun… based on my recollection, you’ve done a good job of listing the guys that were “5 star” recruits before they were rated that way. The best source for basketball recruiting that I remember back then was the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook. They used to list the top 50 or so recruits in the back of the yearbook. All of those guys were included among the top rated players in their classes. Another one that was highly rated, though likely just a step below these guys, was Clint McDaniel. A couple of great players that were not included in the Blue Ribbon ratings… Oliver Miller and Scotty Thurman.



Right. The guys I listed were McDonalds AAs and it was a safe assumption that they would be 5 stars if that rating system was there, I agree on Clint and Miller. I thought Scotty was pretty much under the radar. Isn’t it fun talking about that era? Man, I miss it and want it back bad,



Yes, I agree.

Arkansas does not need one-and-dones. If we’re going to play a system that needs 10 players, we need 10 complementary players and well-balanced annual recruiting classes.

If we’re going to play a system that needs seven players, we need seven complementary players, and so on.

Fill all roles, create good chemistry, be consistent, all those things Arkansas hasn’t been for a very long time.

If MA had somebody else preparing his roster for him, he would have been nails. Recruiting and retention were not nearly thorough enough. Too much late reaction to unanticipated needs. Too many filler reaches. Too many good players who fled.

Remember next coach needs to contend for SEC and National championship. We need to hold him to that, and it cannot take four years to get there. We don’t have the patience. We need 2 and done 5 stars.

If you are going to depend on player retention to meet Yuracheck’s bar, all the best.

First, missing out on Isaac McBride was a big miss, or at least I think so. If he would have recruited him early Isaac would be going to the Hill. You won’t find a harder worker or better teammate. There’s your shooting PG.

Second, we need depth, depth, and more depth. I think many Hawgball fans want fast fast fast. Not that it would ever happen but could we get CNR to come back? He may have mellowed to much to get that growl and scowl going. I’m just not going to be happy if we aren’t playing Hawgball. I know… get ready to be unhappy.