Recruiting gurus?

I’ve read somewhere that we will sign 20 to 22 in this upcoming class. I know we need offensive lineman. There are a number of in state kids at this position. Would someone venture to give an early projection of how many we will sign at each position. Here is my early thoughts but I really have no clue.

Qb. 1
RB 2
WR. 3
OT. 2
OG/center. 3
DT. 2
DE. 2
LB. 2
CB. 2
S. 2
TE. 1

That is 22. How close am I?

The coaches will know more after spring. That’s when they’ll truly know what they have talent wise.

Along the same lines, Richard, how many Division 1 players, not just those that Arkansas will sign, do you think the state will produce next year? I know it’s supposed to be a good class and hopefully the Hogs can get all they want, but there will probably be some that Arkansas won’t get or won’t have room.

Conner Limpert and Grant Morgan most likely will be given scholarships in Jan. 2019.

Limpert will probably be the fg kicker for three years.

Morgan was the number one backup for both inside lbs in 2018 and most likely will be the number one backup for mike and weak side again in 2019.

We just finished the 2017 season. There were times Grant Morgan was adequate and times he missed tackles. I assume he will get a scholarship.

Yeah, Grant will have to play a lot better and I figure he will. At least he will have a better teacher in the Chief.

Hope you’re right & that coaching is the difference