Recruiting Class & the Draft

So, it sure looks like we really came out of the draft well–lost the expected ones and kept the toss ups in a very deep class.

Is that the feel the staff has at this point?

I think that’s accurate. I’m not sure coaches expected to lose Benninghoff because of his injury, but I’m not sure they expected to keep left-handed pitcher Lucas Krull, who went undrafted because of sign-abilility concerns.

This class will include four players who rated among the top 500 draft prospects by Baseball America, and that doesn’t include Stephan and Lillis, who were both drafted. The fact Arkansas kept so many left-handed pitchers and left-handed bats is what I think makes this class unique. The roster will look different next year than it has the past couple.

What are the numbers like now? How many does DVH have returning plus the signing class? It seems like we may be overloaded.

You can bet that tough decisions will have to be made and there will be quite a few players leave the team.

Fall ball should be interesting

I don’t know the exact breakdown on numbers. There were five seniors, and two juniors who were drafted and signed. There are always a handful of players who transfer for various reasons and some signees also sign with junior colleges.

My guess is there will be around 40-45 out for the fall.

It seems to me that there have been close to 50 players competing for spots during the last two falls. It’s tough, but the kids either produce or they don’t make the 35 man roster.

The most I can ever remember on a fall roster was 52. I seem to remember Dave Van Horn said later that was too many. I think there were 42 last year.

Oftentimes there are players who come out for fall ball because they are UA students who played baseball in high school and just enjoy being part of the game again. They know they won’t make the team, but they might be valuable (like a bullpen catcher) in their ability to take some wear and tear off the more prominent players. They get some free gear so it’s a nice tradeoff for them.