Recruiting Changes I Would Like To See

  1. If you do not KNOW a JUCO player can play from day one, do not sign them. They do not have to start, but they MUST be good enough NOW to contribute. The number of JUCO fails is way too high.
  2. Forget the thought we are smarter than most. We have taken far too many players that few elite teams have wanted based on the fact that we are smarter and are elite at developing players. I see no evidence that we are better than other teams at developing 2* and 3* players into SEC caliber stars. If you want to be Indiana, Iowa State and Kansas just keep recruiting the players that only they want.
  3. Focus on football IQ. It is good if you can run and jump. But if you cannot learn the playbook, read formations, take proper angles and learn how to tackle, so what??? Watching our secondary running around in circles and always out of position makes me crazy. Having ten o-linemen on scholarship that can’t get on the field because they either can’t learn the system or can only be comfortable in a single spot and really aren’t even good there is a real problem.
  4. Learn what makes a good safety and only sign players that qualify. Sure that seem simple but we keep failing at safety. When is the last time we had an NFL quality safety? SEC quality? Sun Belt quality? Safety is a crucial position and we either cannot evaluate safety prospects or coach them because as much as I like Liddell, Ramirez and Coley as people, they are getting us beaten.
    Those four things would be a good start.

I have said CBB should adopt the Petrino offense and let Enos run it. With an average defense we can win big time.


I have said CBB should adopt the Petrino offense and let Enos run it. With an average defense we can win big time.
[/quote]I guess I am not as perceptive as many, but for the life of me I don’t see a vastly different offensive philosophy from the Petrino time at Arkansas and the Bielema time. Both ran/run pro style offenses with sound running games. The pass/run ratio may vary some but essentially the styles looked similar to me. One major issue right now, is that we have a well below average defense. Petrino is a good coach, but his brilliance at Arkansas becomes magnified with the passage of time.

Arkansas is averaging 31 points in 8 games this year and averaged 36 in 2015. Petrino averaged 36 in 2010 and in 2011.

When AA has time, Arkansas can score as fast as about anyone in the country, including Louisville. The biggest issue with the offense is the O-line and blocking. Pass blocking is atrocious. Florida will probably expose it once again but I have hope we can piece something together. Teams are using the Bama blueprint on our bootlegs so they aren’t working either. The only envy I have of Louisville is simply their ability to execute their offense now. We don’t have the same ability. I am confident of CDE as a playcaller though.

LOL , u make all of that so easy maybe they should hire you!
U really think those players u listed are no good??? Crazy talk. If you assignment is to cover a position or place that is your first goal.

you also think they are not trying to get the best players??? U think they turn down 5* players??

Nope, they just have not been able to get them compared to the big dogs, YET!!!
I think the ones red shirting and the ones coming in will make u taste a little bit of crow

Pitiful how the select few think recruiting is a walk in the park. There are tons of good programs trying to get them and that’s why u take a flyer on a few that some one said is not as good as so and so.

Coach B has addressed this at a couple of press conferences this year - admitting that his recruitment of JCs has not been as successful as he would like.

You never sign a JC guy that you believe won’t contribute significantly - albeit sone of them have not.

Tretola, Spaight were major hits - Reed and Hollister have had their moments

Josh Williams was likely going to be without the injuries

Tiquention Coleman was a miss. John McClure a miss. Myke Taveres was a miss here, but flourished at his next stop and was with the Philadelphia Eagles in training camp.

OL Malone and Ramirez both have redshirt years and its too early to call them busts

for getting my thread back on track.

Ramirez has played in most games. I don’t think he will be eligible for a redshirt.

Malone for sure is as he hasn’t dressed out all year.

Edit - After reviewing game participation charts I noted that Ramirez played in games 3-5. I’m no expert on RS rules, but if he doesn’t play anymore he may qualify (something about 25% of games). Of course since he played he will need an “injury” to qualify.

Maybe he should adopt the Petrino defense instead. 2010 21 PPG, 2011 22 PPG
2015 28 PPG 2016 32 PPG :shock: Thought Petrino didn’t like defense

Sorry, I didn’t mean to change your thread. Currently, we have 19 commitments. They are mainly 3 star prospects. Let’s say all recruits meet your expectations. Auburn just beat us by 53 points and they were the last place team in the West last year. Do you believe with the offense and defense we currently are using, we can beat them by 53 points next year?

When did anybody say that he didn’t like defense?

What we have said is he didn’t concentrate on it as much as he did offense - either in recruiting or on the field.

And that he would jump on players and coaches when the defense made a play in practices and scrimmages.

Anyone who saw practice back then can confirm that.

It is said all the time, you’re not the only one to talk bad about Petrino

No, that is what YOU (Dudley Dawson) has said

Same thing is said at Louisville, maybe Bret should try it. Louisville is #9 in total D. What are we again?

I’m lost trying to understand your last post.

Great coach, offensive genius, didn’t concentrate as much on defense as he did offense here. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

Just as I would say - despite all the hoopla - BB has not concentrated enough on the OL.

BP might be doing that in his third year at Louisville or may have been left some great players.

I haven’t really looked into it.

I know QB Lamar Jackson was a 3-star prospect ranked No. 80 in Florida. He hit the jackpot with that kid.

Not a great guy at all when he was here.

It wasn’t just about the affair. It was about his dealings with his bosses, the boosters, his support staff, bowl people, average people, etc.

I looked earlier this season. Petrino has 17 players left over from Strong, 8 start.

Yes, earlier this year, I believe during the Louisville/FSU game, they (the commentators) said Jackson had one DI offer from Louisville. He committed and close to signing day McElwain and Florida jumped in, but momma said “we are people of our word so we are staying with Louisville.”

I’m curious as to whether or not, had BP stayed here, if we would have Lamar Jackson this year. If we did, I wonder if we would have a better record.

I wonder if there are green stars, and silver stars to go with red stars.
Christmas in the universe.

Likely not as it was Lamar Thomas, who was on Petrino’s staff at Western Kentucly and a Florida native, got a call from Jackson’s high school head coach Rick Swain that got the ball rolling for Jackson and Louisville. … ck-recruit

Baked, CBMFP isn’t coming back. Better let that one go.

I’m not so sure the whole motorcycle in the ditch wasn’t a big eye opener to him. Maybe he’s a changed man. Maybe the fall caused him to look within. Jurich would know best. But I know when he was hear he pissed a lot of Arkansas high school coaches off. I know he orchestrated practices to the benefit of the offense. I know we had a heck of an offense. I also know CBB has had a comparable offense. I know neither coach has had a dominant defense. And I know SeattleHog could write this much better!

Never said I wanted Petrino back. Not one time. I just believe in giving credit where it is due. Blaming Petrino (who has been gone for 5 seasons) or JLS (who has been gone for 4) is kind of dumb to me.