Recruiting Board

If you havn’t, you may want to check and you have to look just a little. The no talent excuse is going away pretty soon I think.

Absolutely incredible what this staff has done in the recruiting trail.

Makes me realize the untapped potential of Arkansas. We are absolutely a sleeping giant and if we can recruit at this level in such a poor time of our program, imagine what chad will do when he gets things going.

We should expect top 20 classes every year from this point on, it can and should happen!

These coaches are doing a darn good job of getting the players.

I agree we are doing well in the recruiting arena, but they have not signed yet, have not taken the field yet, have not produced yet. I know that all they can do is commit at this time and that’s why recruiting ranking should be re-evaluated at the end of that groups freshman year if we want somewhat of a true gauge of a groups ability to make a difference. But there’s no hype or excitement in that to rev up a fan base and get tickets sold. It’s just like politics and the Juco route mostly over sold and under deliverered way to many times, at least the Juco is gone in a couple years. WPS

Amazing recruiting job so far.

May be among our best if not the best since entering SEC.

Much of this four star talent is on the defensive side of the ball and you have to believe that Morris’ offense will attract similar talent on a regular basis moving forward. What is really breathtaking for Hog fans is we have a legitimate shot at picking up three or four more highly ranked players in this recruiting class that’s getting larger with several current players leaving the team and probably more to go. Ole Miss and Auburn will be screaming to the NCAA if this keeps up.

We have to finish this class with some great O-linemen and a great kicker!