Recruiting and talent matters

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It does and we are usually middle of the pack or worse most years in recruiting talent. Doesn’t matter how much we pay a coach if we don’t solve the talent issue. CSP is known as a recruiter. Hopefully he continues to hire recruiters and get the Hogs in the top 5 of the SEC. If not, then it’s a continuous cycle of up and down win totals based on team experience etc. That has been our history in the SEC and we usually end up firing the coach in the down years.

It is staggering when you realize how good you have to be to actually be in the top 5 of the SEC, and in a couple of years it’s going to be more difficult.

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It doesn’t bother me if we don’t get into the top 5 of SEC recruiting classes as long as there isn’t a huge gap between us and the teams at the top. Sometimes there has been. As long as we’re close then other variables can be just as important. Stars are important, but not always accurate.


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