Recruiting All Day, Every Day

It’s recruiting all day, every day for the Chad Morris staff at Arkansas. It’s what will turn the program and what you are seeing now is the tip of the iceberg. Chad Morris works tirelessly in recruiting and makes sure that every person on the staff does, too.

Morris told me long ago if there is someone who does not work and work well at recruiting, they won’t be with him long.

I have heard this from the start of the Chad Morris era. I was reminded again from a friend on Sunday how much detail and effort Chad Morris and his staff put into recruiting.

Chad Morris spends so much time on the phone with recruits and their families that when they arrive on campus they are already close. He knows everything about them and they realize that quickly when they get to Fayetteville. It’s called effort.

Someone who is in the room when recruits and their families arrive on campus tells me it’s a sight to behold. This is someone who has been around the process for several years and notices a huge change.

Recruiting is about relationships and effort. You get out of it what you put in. This person told me Sunday that Morris and every member of his staff is incredible in the way they work a room and give attention to every person in it. They also delight in showing off the facilities. They stick with the recruit and don’t pass them off to the lower level staffers that have been handling a lot of this process in the past. They spend the time and do it over and over.

Every single person gets huge amounts of attention – from grand mothers, to nephews, nieces, etc. They leave feeling they have a new friend for life.

I will not say who this person that told me this does or is, but they think this staff is something special in how they relate to parents, players and families. They dive into the process and put everything they’ve got into it. It starts at the top, but it’s like that in all of the layers – and there are many layers now – to the recruiting process at Arkansas.

It’s not an accident to see the recruiting list of top prospects grow. This person said when they saw the effort last winter (when it was too late to impact with relationships) that they knew this would be a good class this year – and the next and the next and the next.

There is no secret to it. It’s just relationship and effort. It’s what is going on at the top schools in the national ranking right now, effort to recruiting at Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and a few others.

Without question what this person told me they see over and over is impressive defensive linemen. That’s the recipe at Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. Whip you on the defensive front. And, a few of those can be sprinkled over (top athletes who are also linemen) to play offense, too. Just keep signing defensive linemen and most of those were and are two-way players in high school.

Get them to campus and then love on them. That’s what is happening now. It never gets old.

Great to know the way these coaches recruit. They are reaping the rewards with a great class that hopefully gets that much better at noon Thursday. Arkansas has to promote a family atmosphere in order to compete against the big boys. The one thing I always worry about when a school makes the kind of recruiting jump Arkansas has made in a short time, and that’s if the NCAA comes nosing around. I’m not making accusations–certainly, not!–but know how we felt when Mississippi started signing Top 10 classes under a new coach.

Being on the outside, Clay, it’s been obvious that something has been going on inside the program that’s caused this recent significant bump in the quality of our recruits. All you have to do is look at the offer sheets of our commits, and the schools we have been regularly beating out. If we keep this up, other schools are going to soon be accusing us of the same underhanded tactics we’ve accused them of in the past, LOL. Thanks for the insights from you, and the insights that have been shared with you by other “insiders”. The message is consistent…our coaches are working extremely hard. Nice to know this change in recruiting tactics is not random or incidental…it is systematic, it’s targeted long-term, and and it will hopefully continue to show positive results. Good to know that we CAN recruit SEC-level players to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and that we may be watching the foundation being built for something special. Just my opinion. Go Hogs!

Thanks Clay, that explanation of how the process works (with this staff) is fascinating.

I was also glad to hear Coach Morris’ comments about who to recruit. Last week at the Catfish Hole, he said that you start with the defensive and offensive lines. He knows what he is doing and how to get it done. That is a real breath of fresh air.

good read, I figured Coach Morris to be a working man based on his background and professions., and I figured his predecessor for being someone that liked to eat more than he like to work and that appears to be self evident. I circled the Ole Miss game as a turning point in the program at the first of the year. After the CSU and North Texas games, I had big doubts, but after last week, its back on, they could be turning this thing around. Keep up the great work coach. Its like Ben Franklin says, most people miss out on opportunity because its dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Everything in this post is good news. I may be the old goat here, I am 83 now, but I remember Lou Holtz had a reputation for caring little for recruiting and was known as a “put me players on the field and it is my job to coach them” and I have never put much stock in stars. However, this is 2018, not 1960 and I agree hard work getting the right talent is most important. We will not know this year how good this coach is, but soon will. I feel we all hope for better days.

Im not surprised,He’s a fine man who works hard and knows that the only way to compete with the big boys is to recruit and he is showing that right now.He will get Henry,Bush and Carter and maybe Catalon and hopefully 3-4 more great OL then we will be paving the road to greatness in a couple yrs.

This is very encouraging, as is the class they are putting together this year. Can you imagine when we start winning! Holy cow…
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Coach Morris gets it.
Gotta have the Jimmy’s & Joe’s
To go with the X’s & O’s


From the very first speech I saw CM give to the team I believed he’s much different than anything we’ve had at Arkansas in years. Glad to hear that first impression was real. Thanks Clay for this article. I’ve been wondering if my first impression was right. It actually seems I might have underestimated his impact.

I know there was a night that he was in the office that he told me he called 40 recruits that night. He said that’s a typical night. He talks to players and he talks to the parents and grand parents. They may talk about football, but often it’s about other things.