Recruit stats

Does it appear that as a whole the individual stat so far for our 2019 recruits are not that impressive … mmitments/

Elite prospects usually don’t play that much so I wouldn’t look too much into it. Or they are playing different positions than they will here. A lot of blow outs lead to less playing time.

Receivers don’t always have a good QBs throwing them the ball.

Corners never get thrown at.

That kind of thing

I was surprised Jefferson’s 40 time was so slow. Just a tick ahead of Soli.

Having seen him in camp and gone to see him play, he runs away from people.

That 40 time simply is not accurate of the speed he has now.

Carl Williams, Myles Brooks, Burks and Miller haven’t played much for various reasons

Myles Brooks is probably the recruit I’d like to know more about. Good size, but reported speed looks like Ramirez’s. Stats obviously don’t show the talent.