Recruit looking for a new home

OK…here’s something that should interest the Hawgs coaching staff…with the firing of IU’s coach, there is a 6’10" 200 lbs forward who is looking for a new home if the new coaching staff at IU doesn’t meet his calling…I read this in the Indianapolis Star…

Guard Al Durham and forward Clifton Moore are re-evaluating their college choices following the departure of Crean and his coaching staff. Justin Smith, the highest rated of Crean’s commitments, remains committed. Moore’s AAU coach, Jonathan Michels, said the 6-10 Pennsylvania forward would ask out of his national letter of intent. Michels had told IndyStar earlier Monday that Moore was still evaluating his options.

The most recent commitment of the three, Moore is a late-blooming stretch forward from the Philadelphia area. He only has about 200 pounds on his 6-10 frame, giving him plenty of physical upside.

The Hawgs could use another forward with height…you missed out on Trey Lyles when I told them to start recruiting him as a sophomore…need to get on this young man with that remaining scholarship… … /99408694/

I think I’d rather have Durham. 6’4 PG? Yes please.

There maybe a little more to the recruits than you know.

I’m baffled why the Hogs didn’t follow your instructions. If the Hog coaching staff follows this board, they will certainly be in touch.

Hey, if you want to shoot for the moon, here’s another one…

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Bet u a diet Dr. Pepper that Porter is headed to Missouri.

Seems very likely.

And I think a few more 5* committed elsewhere, but not signed may end up there as well.

We desperately need to increase the size of our team. When we get a few skilled big men like KY, then we can compete with them and their likes ie NC, Duke etc. - No matter how many good guards we have, we get killed when we play these team on our defensive board. Will AR recruiters are aware of Indiana development, or interested, I don’t know. I wish they become vigilant in moments of opportunity. It doesn’t hurt to make contacts with those who have announced.

No disrespect but do you honestly believe that Arkansas did not know who he was and they could have kept him from going to Kentucky?

If any coach - no matter what sport - recruited off the wishes of the media or message boards, they should be fired immediately.

Also while Arkansas may be/get involved with these kids, it isn’t just a snap your fingers and done deal.

Plus the Razorbacks only have one scholarship