Recruit commits so far --------------------------

------------------------------- appear to be more like the “fill in the class when the high rated targets went elsewhere” type recruits you see late in the process, not in the first bunch committed. If there is any staff that might “see more clearly and find more diamonds in the rough” than our top competition, ours might be that staff. So, I am hoping that is the case and we end up holding off all of the top programs coming in late trying to steal our diamonds that we offerred first. It concerns me when our most recent recruit doesn’t have an offer from his instate school who we hope we are recruiting way better than them. The jewel standard in recruiting evaluation, at least by us “legends in our own mind recruiters” is who did we beat to get them? If we beat folks who we haven’t been beating on the field lately, we get all warm and fuzzy feeling. If we beat a bunch of bottom feeder programs, then we hope our staff is just smarter and more perceptive than the top dogs and our guys are better than the ones the top dogs been trying to get. Just a little concerned but trying to look on the bright side. JMVVVVVHO

I would say in today’s world, the real top prospects want a program for the shortest route to the NFL. Others hope for an opportunity and a few actually just want to play football for a given school. In the first two cases under the table benefits have a lot to do wth the actual decision.

I am no “legend in my own mind” about anything :slight_smile: but I am one that generally judges a recruit by who else wanted him.

I don’t usually keep up with recruiting too close until closer to the end, but if what you (and I have seen at least one other poster say basically the same thing) say is correct, it is reason to be concerned.

All that said, with any new staff, I always take a “wait and see” approach. And frankly, with 4 wins, none in the SEC, in the last 2 years, and not much to brag about in the last 4 years, and 3 coaches in the last 4 years, this staff is fighting an uphill battle from the start. We have dug a ourselves a hole that is going to take some time to get out of it.

Its not fun to wait on success. Just like everyone else, I used to be better at that than I am now. The internet age makes me want things NOW and I mean RIGHT NOW! :smile:

I am just hoping to see some glimmers of hope over the next year, enough to keep fans hopes alive.

I am the same when it comes to judging recruits by who else wants them. The thing that I see about these is that it is early. That means the coaches want these guys. Really, that is the important thing. They are the ones that have to go to battle with the players. They are the ones that have done the evaluations. They certainly know more than me who just looks at an offer list, and perhaps a 5 min. highlight clip.

Very poorly written, but you get the idea. Is it right? We will know in a couple to three years.

As far as ratings, I don’t know that anyone knows too much about how to evaluate this current class. No spring practice in high school makes it tough for anyone from any distance to evaluate. So the ones who are taking players must really be sure that they have evaluated right. As Jim said, they really wanted them to take them right now.

Some of our coaches were on some of these players at previous stops such as Hamilton-Jordan, Coach Odum had offered him at Mizzou. Briles I swear knows every QB in Texas. Coach Stepp already knew the crop he was interested in. I’m not worried at all with this staff.

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No doubt, coaches have areas and schools they know. And they have had them in camps.

When the program has won 4 of its last 24 games and 8 of its last 36, one can’t expect the recruiting to be banner right away.

Especially in this situation where it is not the norm, such as we have now.

The 2021 pledges are ones they had got on campus before the pandemic.

This new staff rallied in a big way to secure the 2020 class.

Seems a little too early to be concerned to me, unless you had expectations of a top 15 class, which I do not.

I agree it is very early to make any definitive conclusions but I did expect better recruits, particularly in both lines and all over the defense, than the last staff produced. (Primarily because of a better recruiter at head coach, defensive coordinator, and offensive coordinator.) It is certainly not too late for all of that to happen but if the rest of the class is like the start, yes, I will be disappointed. JMVVVVHO.

Here’s a breakdown of our offers in the 2021 class by our “Top choices” and our “High Choices” according to 247 Composite: (I do not know how 247 determined these choices)

Offers to our Top Choices (8):

Five 4 stars and three 3 stars - We are in the “warm” category of 3 of the 4 stars and “cool” on 2 of the 4 stars. Of the 3 star players, we have one commitment - Landon Rogers, and are in the “cool” category on the other two 3 stars.

No commitments to other schools by our top 8 choices other than Rogers to us.

Offers to our High Choices:

Three 5 stars, - 1 CB, 1 DT, and 1 OLB - All 3 are uncommitted

Forty 4 stars - only 6 have committed to other schools

Twenty three high (#370 - #500 rating) three stars - 3 have committed to other schools and one, Terry Wells has committed to the Hogs.

Personally, I like what our 2021 offers look like. As you can see, commitments are coming in very slow from the 80 or so recruits we’ve offered (according to 247). Those offers indicate we are recruiting a large number of highly rated (5 stars through #500) recruits. We’ve offered forty 4 star recruits and, so far, only 6 have committed to other schools.

We’ve got a commitment from one of our top 8 targets and one commitment from one of the highest 3 star recruits in Terry Wells. Considering the pandemic, and our previous 2 miserable football years, I think our coaches are doing a good job of recruiting. Now, we’ll see if they can close on 10 or 12 of those 80 high targets. Most all of those 80 players have 20-40 offers. They are nearly all taking their time committing.

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For edification purposes, here are the offers to Arkansas’ 5 commits:

OL Cole Carson - Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, TCU, Texas Tech, Utah, Arizona, Baylor, Colorado, Iowa State, Air Force,Duke, Darmouth, Penn, Southern Miss, UTSA, Texas State, Louisiana, Louisiana-Monroe

OL - Terry Wells - Arkansas, Miami, Kansas, Arkansas State, North Texas, Southern Miss

QB Landon Rogers - Arkansas, Houston, Kansas, Louisiana, Louisiana-Monroe, North Texas, UT-Martin

S Jermaine Hamilton-Johnson - Arkansas, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Washington State, Tulsa, Missouri State, Akron, Northern Illinois, Northern Iowa and North Dakota State

OLB Marco Avant - Arkansas, Houston, Kansas, Memphis, Arkansas State, Tulane, Louisiana, Louisiana-Monroe , Southern Miss, Austin Peay, Campbell, Liberty, Texas Southern, Northeastern State and Illinois State.

Has Kansas offered HS player in the country?

Seems like it

I want to know if Jeff Long put in a patch of grass in the stadium in Lawrence for Les to graze.

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