Recruit Commitment Chances

Of the kids we have offered, according to the list, who do we have a realistic chance of committing to Hogs?

Who’s better than 50-50, and who is less than 50-50, and who is a long shot?

Thank you.

Well, since we’ve offered about 220ish, this is going to take some time. I’ll have my list ready when you get yours ready.

Let’s narrow it down…

Kids who haven’t committed to other schools.

I think we get Henry and the Warren two. I think Thomas is 10% and Wilkins is 40% Arkansas.

Henry and Burks are the most important to me, can’t miss on those guys.

I don’t see much of a shot with either OL, maybe at the very last minute with Stacey, but he’s overly infatuated with OU.

My guesses or who will commit to Arkansas:

TE Hudson Henry
WR Treylon Burks
DT Marcus Miller
DT Enoch Jackson
ATH Jadon Jackson
LB Kendall Young
S Myles Brooks
WR Trey Knox (Arkansas or Tennessee)
TB Deion Hankins or Almonte Spivey
OL Melvin McBride
OL Chibueze Nwanna
OL Tim Anderson or Drew Vest

I’ll add to it if I can think of more

More guesses

Going elsewhere

OL Darius Thomas - Memphis
OL Stacey Wilkins - Oklahoma
OL Anthony Whigan - Penn State

What about the D Lineman from Mansfield DD…you thinking Clemson on him since he wasn’t on your list? I feel 50/50 with us and Clemson.

Yes, my bad.

Enoch Jackson should on the list.

Was a long day and night for you yesterday brother…no worries and glad to hear it!