Recruit comments?

any comments from any of the recruits at todays game? They had to be impressed!

There were no official visitors.

They did have several unofficial - some I have already talked to and others I am in the process of doing so.


Jordan Walsh, 6-7, 200, Branson (Mo.) Link Academy
Nick Smith, G, 6-5, 185, North Little Rock

Layden Blocker, PG, 6-2, 175
Baye Fall, C, 6-10, 200
Assane Diop, F, 6-10, 190

Landren Blocker, SF, 6-4, Little Rock Christian

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Any football recruits on hand today Dud?

Luke Hasz and his parents were there. Reminder his mom has season tickets.

It’s a dead period for football so no kids coming to visit for football. Next weekend will be big though.

Any comments from Fall or Diop on there impression from the game ?

Not as of yet or they would be on here.

Not in the business of holding out on you guys

Dudley you should just cut and paste this. I am sure you could use it ten times a day.

We’re they here for Kentucky or us ?

Us. Go Hogs!

It was dead period for football recruiting.

Cant read this unless you sign up. Can we get a brief rundown of what it says?

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