Recording the Basketball Podcast of Mid-America today

Leave some questions here for Seth and me if you have any. We’re planning to talk about my last couple of season reviews then I’ll ask him about the profile he wrote on Alexis Tolefree, which you need to read if you haven’t. May get into the games of a couple transfers Arkansas is looking at.

  1. Impacts to future roster/lineups/roles as a result from J5 transfer.
  2. Speculation on more transfers (out) prior to next season.
  3. Latest speculation on Joe & Jones.

Think they will add 3 transfers/jucos. How do you see the makeup of 3, like guards and bigs.

It would be nice to have some idea how Reggie Chaney feels about next season!

With the infusion of talent coming does he see a expanded bench and rotation

I know he was an asset at LSU but did the play of the SEC surprise him? Knowing what he knows now would he approach the non conference schedule differently than last year

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