Record setting Hogs

I shamelessly predict, without knowing the current records, that the Hogs this season will set new records for fast break points, dunks, steals and blocks. All hallmarks of a very athletic, quick, long and well coached team.
UA…Campus of Champions


Thats a lot records to break but boy howdy just any 2 or 3 of those broken will be exciting.

17 dunks today I believe

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17 dunks a game is a good starting point I think.

I believe in setting goals and achieving them is even better. I believe if we try with everything we have every game to score 108 and have 17 dunks as a goal or marker of who we want to be and achieve each game, we will flat out win a lot of games.

Our battle cry. Instead of ‘ On 3 1,2,3 ‘Family’

On 3 1,2,3 ‘108 and 17’. Break

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