Recent tweets from CEM

Am I overreacting to some of CEMs tweets over the last couple of days about adversity and team unity?


Musselman likes to write inspirational tweets almost every day. It’s nothing to worry about.

I think Musselman had/has a newsletter that a lot of coaches subscribe to, and has built a following among coaches who like his thoughts on leadership. He has been tweeting stuff like that since long before he was at Arkansas. In fact, when I heard he might be hired, that was the first type of tweet I saw when I looked him up.

It reminds me a little of Mike Neighbors, who built a big following with his newsletter before he came to Arkansas.

what has he been saying? Im not on twitter

That this team stinks and he regrets not pulling an Altman.

I kid…

It’s free, easy to sign up and the way I get most of news. You should give it a shot. … r%5Eauthor

thanks Navy I don’t really see anything in there that is not the truth,being a coach myself I see it as his way of constantly reminding of things like that that will make or break a team,BTW I loved that little video I saw a team working exremely hard! very refreshing.