Recent tweet from baseball observer

“Love all those Razorback baseball fans that became baseball fans for the CWS and are now confused when the team gets whooped by an actual better team. Lol”

Ain’t it the truth?

So , who was the idiot that tweeted that?

I don’t know, but I’m an idiot that got a chuckle out of it. Sometimes I think our new baseball fans don’t realize these aren’t Little League teams we are playing.

Couldn’t even read the entire post. An ad covered it

I think there is some truth to that. The baseball team picked up a lot of fans of the football and basketball team who are used to fretting over every loss, and don’t necessarily understand the patience that must come with watching baseball.

While I would have loved to have taken 2 or 3 from Vandy, my goal going into the weekend was to not get swept. It looked like we were going to get swept there for a while, but it didn’t happen. Not a bad weekend result.

As a fan of all things Hog, adding new fans can’t do any harm whatsoever. I am a baseball, basketball guy who never played football. There is a learning curve with baseball and basketball. Until the NCAAs one loss won’t ruin your season. I still sweat every loss in both of these sports. Just my nature.