Recent Local interview with Malachi Singleton

I thought some might like this. It’s a local interview with Malachi Singleton on Georgia PBS. I didn’t know he broke his foot but tells a little bit about his character.

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Missing his senior year is not good but I guess it’s better to have a broken foot healing versus a torn ligament.

Does this mean I can go back to following Margaret on twitter?


Yes I totally agree with that… he’s a big time player who plays in a division loaded with D1 players… I hate him missing his senior year but he is perfect for the type of offense that Briles likes to run…

There is a fine line between following and stalking! I know. I walk it like a circus star. LOL.

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The only people that say there is a fine line has gone so far past the line they can’t see it….Stalker :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Leaving a Middle School game on Signal Mountain TN earlier this year a lady noticed my Razorback shirt and asked me if I had heard of Malachi. I told her he was well known in Razorback circles. This lady said she was a former co-worker with his mom and they stay in touch. The lady went on and on about how much his mom and family loved Sam and the entire staff. I know Richard has reported about his mom and her love of the Hogs. So this is nothing new.


I sat here this morning at my desk and watched the entire 7 minutes of the video. When it was over, I noticed my heart was pounding and felt a little rush of excitement for the future. :heartbeat:

He is a Great player! I live in Mississippi and saw KJ play in high school. Singleton is better than KJ was at that time. He is faster and is a better passer then KJ was in high School. Singleton was invited to the elite 11 QB competition that’s quite an honor…
I just hate that he had to miss out on the great competition that he would be facing this year in his senior year because there are some really good teams that he plays against that would help prepare him for the next level.

Are we no longer worried about his commitment? Seemed like a few days ago people in here worried he might be going elsewhere.

The interview above is almost a month old. He visited UCF last week. Not saying he’s not going to stick but visiting UCF again will cause speculation.

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Haven’t seen anything about him visiting UCF. Doesn’t seem like that would be what a 100% committed recruit would be doing.

Well, he went to their Thursday night game a week ago and is “reportedly” taking a visit to go to their Homecoming game against Cincinnati.

Any thoughts as to what’s going on with him?

Yes, there are thoughts of what is going on with him

Well what are they…

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Did you notice the coaches are going to be in Georgia visiting prospects and commits but no mention of visiting Malachi

You can only visit kids once during from Sept. 1 to Nov. 26. I would bet Arkansas stops by the school before Nov. 26. The Friday before the Auburn game is a good possibility.

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I’m here in Kennesaw, if that matters. Go Warriors.