Recent Bracketology - this is what would be my dream scenario

Ever since we built the wonderful Baum Stadium 20 years ago, I’ve been salivating at getting Texas at OUR place for an NCAA Regional. Back in the day, before Baum and many other fine venues, only a select handful were anointed to host virtually every year - and Texas was one of them. We’ve had to go there several times to advance, and we all know what a stacked deck that is. Sure - year in and year out (especially in those days), Texas is/was good, to begin with. But, there’s a reason we got out of the Texas-based SWC, and home cooking officials are one of them.

So, turnabout is fair play. Even since we’ve had Baum, we’ve had to to go Austin at least once (and, I believe, twice) for Regionals. So, let’s hope this early projection holds true, and the Longhorns come to our place for once.

Youngers, please save your time and energy about how we olders need to let loose of our obsession with Texas. Yes, I understand the argument. Yes, it has merit, and I do get that wins over SEC teams are a better thing to focus on these days. All of that said, when you spend your first 40 years building up enmity for a rival, it never goes away. While a win over Tennessee, Florida, Ole Miss, LSU et al may be more important in some ways, a win over Texas in any sport is just soooooo satisfying. … acketology

I’m with you Wiz… Tuck Fexas.

Deep in the heart of texass, Uncle Malvie is smiling and singing Texas Bites.