Received a text about

Ryan Wingo and a CB to Tenn.

Tennessee is in a good spot for Ryan. I don’t expect anything to happen anytime soon. He’s told me he wants to take his official visits in the spring and I don’t think that will change. He’ll visit an SEC school this weekend and has plans to visit two more schools after the Tigers.

As far as Arkansas, I think the next month or two will be important. He is a priority and I bet things heat up here.

If their qb wins the heisman it’s gonna be tough.

Need to solidify our QB for his class soon, so he knows he’ll have someone to get him the ball.

Steve Wiltfong is pretty accurate normally in his assessments. Ryan has had numerous trips to Fayetteville. Whispers are that he is committing soon to Tennessee. We shall see. This would have to be considered a big disappointment for our recruiting, if it happens.

Yes and No, IMO…Sure, it’s always disappointing to not sign a highly recruited player that gives your program serious consideration.

On the other hand, there is always considerable competition for those players, and unless a highly rated recruit has a very, very strong connection to Arkansas (like the Henry’s, or Billy Ray Smith Jr.), the odds are you’re NOT going to sign more than you do. So, if we miss on Wingo, this is just “one of those” that we were destined to miss on this season.

On the other hand, you can’t sign 'em if you don’t recruit them and get them on campus. When you do those things, you WILL sign some of them…and you’ll “lose” (or, not sign) several of them. It goes with the territory. So if we’re going to recruit 5 star and high 4 star players, we have to accept that most of them will not be signing with us.

But if we sign a few of them, each year, our star will continue to rise AND the future recruits will notice that Arkansas is a place to be visited. Good things will come from that over time.

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Not being a “Smart A$$” here, but that is a very succinct definition of Recruiting… Well done!!

LIke I said, unless something changes and in recruiting the best wording I can use is “It’s subject to change”.

Ryan will take his five official visits before making a decision. That could come in the spring but they could be next season. That’s from his dad.

Ronnie Jr. took all five of his officials.

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