Recapping Pittman's radio show tonight

The best part was his telling the equipment managers to clean out a player’s locker who came in saying they were opting out, but really were complaining about the 6AM running for not going to class. It seems the punishment for skipping class is 6AM running.

When Chuck asked him about Grant Morgan’s pick-six, he said that when he and Jamie got married she was the prettiest thing that he had ever seen. Then when Grant made the interception and scored, that might have been as pretty. The look on her face was wonderful.

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Love that. We can all relate to that. So simple, but makes the point very well.

I read Matt’s recap twice and did not see anything about an equipment manager, nor discussion about the pic-6. Shucks!!

Short of a transcript, no one summary is going to include everything someone says in an hour’s time. Those are good anecdotes that didn’t fit into what I wrote.

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Does anyone have a link to the interview?

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