Recapping Day 1 of the draft

Lots of information here, including what was said about the picks during MLB Network’s coverage.


Great job guys! Congratulations.
Great to see Robert Moore prove people that being a great all-around player still is very valuable to the MLB.

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Was being a “great all-around player” ever not considered valuable to the MLB?

matt, how do we look as far as keeping those committed to us? I assume it’s a safe bet Moore & Pallette will take the money and move on.

I posted this elsewhere, but I think it’s too early to say anything definitive about the signees. There is a lot of money available on Day 2. We should have a better idea by the end of today.

I don’t expect any of the players who were drafted last night to be at Arkansas next season.

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Never was not important to the MLB now you on the other hand didn’t think he was anywhere near a top 100 ball player(even though I told you they thought he was)because he was having a down year offensively.

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Link? Where did I say that?

So I went back and looked at my posts regarding RM. I never once said he wasn’t a top 100 player. I insinuated he wouldn’t be a first rounder. He wasn’t. I questioned why he batted in the middle of the order.

Perhaps your Aricept or Namenda needs titrating @youdaman

I said he was and you said what proof do you have? Which means you were questioning it. Your comments always let everyone know you thought he wasn’t as good as people were saying he was.

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I’m going to try and interpret the above post and respond.

I never said he wasn’t a top 100 player. I did question his spot in the batting order and feel safe in saying that I value his bat much less than the majority of this board.

I didn’t believe he was a first rounder and was proven right.

In your first post you said you were happy to see Robert “prove” that being an “all-around” player is valued by MLB.

My question is when did anyone question whether being an “all-around” player was NOT valued by MLB?

Well let me interpret this the best way I can. I said it’s great that the MLB appreciates an all-around game because you clearly don’t think he can hit and you went out of your way to prove that time and time again with your endless drivel of stats. MLB knew he was an incredible fielder and saw enough in his Bat to make him the number 72 player in the draft and he’s going to be making a whole heck of a lot of money…
I’m not going to continue this discussion with you,we will never have a kid that is as good a fielder as Robert Moore, he was a much better hitter than he showed last yr and that’s why he’s the number 72 player in the draft. End of the discussion

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He didn’t prove he could hit for a high (or even mediocre) average in SEC play. That’s not an opinion. That’s not a take. That’s a fact.

I hope he is a better hitter than he showed. He is a wizard with the glove. I’m pulling for him.

The truth is you defeated a strawman argument that nobody was actually arguing or defending. Congrats.

That is like listening to Danny Ford, Billy. Too many negatives and doubles. I am not sure what you wrote.

well Clay I could never do your job LOL.Basically what I was saying was Moore is a very good all around player and the MLB saw that and drafted him # 72.

I like that explanation!

I loved Danny. And tried to clean him up. He asked me to leave all those double negatives. Yikes


Yeah He was a Hot Mess! I can imagine Barry Switzer would have been a hoot to cover but you would have had to bleep out about every other word lol.

The worst language was Pat Jones. Not close. He does a radio show now. Don’t know how he does it.

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I loved Danny too. Especially after his agent called me and said Danny loved Little Debbies. He was angling for an endorsement deal.

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