Recapping Arkansas' win over ORU on Sunday

From Ethan, who is doing a great job for us:


Newsflash. These girls are good.

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We’ll know a whole lot more by NYD. Before then, at Creighton, Oregon and probably the Suckeyes in San Diego, and then the Mulkeys come to BWA to open SEC play. If they’re no worse than 15-1 on NYD (when they play at Kentucky), I’d say they’re REALLY good.

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I’ve liked what I have seen so far. They are actually rebounding and playing D. Still hoping that Goforth can find her way back.

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I am too, but I would be shocked if it happens this season.

Eerily similar to the men’s game Saturday.

Women - 41-37 at half / win 92-58
Men - 40-35 at half / win 99-54


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You know better than most, is it even possible she plays again?

Our hogs both men and women have depth! That depth will be matched against better teams.
But the fact at the men have improved with an inside presence and rim protection that’s their improvement. The women are playing defense and rebounding. Both have the rosters to give the coaches options.

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It’s hard to say. Gastroparesis can’t be cured but it can be managed, sorta. But can it be managed in a way that allows her to play high-level hoops? I dunno.

And as much as I’m rooting for her, I had a thought the other night. She leaves the lineup and our defense gets much better. Maybe that would have happened anyway, but it seems to me that she was a defensive weak link. Maybe anyone would be if their gut hurt all the time, though.

They still have some maddening stretches where they seem “too loose”

But I agree they are defending and rebounding better than in the past

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