recap of yesterdays game

  1. i thought they wanted it more than we did.

  2. you gotta come out and defend, and we didn’t defend the way we are capable of defending.

  3. on their winning shot, there was a breakdown in the defense

  4. i think for the most part WKU controlled tempo

  5. i thought we were a little sluggish

  6. our bench, they didn’t play well

  7. we were sluggish and sloppy with the basketball

  8. defensively our help side was not there, probably one of our worst defensive performances

gosh, guess ill get slammed for a negative post. if this person had been posting during the game or afterwards he would have gotten generally notoriously slammed, mercy.

those are direct quotes from our head basketball coach. ban him!!!

and someone pointed out a fact this was not really discussed, we still could have won had we made our free throws.

With all apologies to PIG…


Most people said that and it’s accurate. I said a lot of this during the game. Stating facts about the game is one thing, making up talking points to fit your own prejudice is going to get called out by someone.

administration and most fans content with program after 7 years. basketball mediocre at best. look at the program Mike knows what to say and we all like him

Making the tourney consistently isn’t mediocre.