Recap from Game 1 of fall series … -hogs-fal/

One of the players tweeted that a couple of pitchers had hit 99 & 100mph. Do you have anything on that?

Is Plunkett eligible for the 2017 season?

I saw Campbell hit 99 and 97. I have no doubt that he hit 100, because I didn’t always look at pitch speed quickly enough. He was bringing it.

No. He must sit out a transfer year.

I know Campbell and Knight have both been in the high 90s this fall. My guess is it was them. I wasn’t concentrated on the radar gun a lot.

As Marty noted, he must redshirt. There is some thought that he may get some work as a pitcher before he’s eligible in 2018. Koch is the presumed starter for two years at catcher and Plunkett threw a little relief at TCU.

You can’t have enough good catchers. You need two good ones, maybe three. Koch is such a good hitter that you can play him as a DH, too. I don’t know many teams which can make it through a season with just one. Yes, it can happen, but generally does not.

It is a crap shoot when you sign good catchers in high school. They are coveted by pro baseball and are going to get drafted if they can hit a little bit. If they also have power and a solid arm, they are for sure going to be drafted. Arkansas has lost several good high school catchers to the draft.